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Easy Ways to Make a Successful Gaming Blog in 2021

The gaming industry has caught the attention of many within the last decade and has since become increasingly popular in 2021. It is also one of the largest industries in the world, way larger than the movie and music industry combined, as it generates more revenue. Needless to say, now seems to be the best time to start a gaming blog to build an online audience.

Whether you’re starting a gaming blog as a career path or simply doing it out of passion, you need to get it done the right way. You also do not want to have little to no engagement after months of starting.

It is a good idea to use all the resources available, for instance, if you already have a Twitch account you can use the Twitch growth service to get more followers and grow your audience and drive more traffic to your blog.

Let’s take a close look and highlight the best steps to take as you think of starting your gaming blog.

Prepare a game blogging plan

Before jumping right into blogging, you need to map out a plan of the direction you want your blog to take. This simply involves deciding the focus of your game blogging and the load of information you intend to offer your audience. You need to make a plan based on your main purpose for starting a blog – this will help you to keep blogging relentlessly until you reach your set targets.

When you create a plan for your blog, you reduce the risk of having your blog filled with too much information, which can be sometimes irrelevant, and that makes it difficult for new readers to keep up. With a proper plan, gamers will visit your blog when they need certain information.

Select a niche you’re comfortable with

Choosing a niche for your blog is the easiest way to attract your target audience. Readers will stay loyal to your blog as long as it contains a series of information they need over a long period. For instance, you can specialize in writing reviews for video games or online streaming services, like Twitch.

You must know that you can’t cover every niche in your blog, and sticking to one niche is ideal for winning the attention of specific readers. To make this selection easier, stick to a niche you’re most passionate about. It helps you create insightful and high-quality content, leaving readers with no other choice than to visit your blog every time they need a piece of related information.

Choose a blogging platform

Your blog needs a medium through which you can reach out to your target audience. So, before you proceed, you’d need to do a little research on the platform that best suits your idea. For many beginner bloggers, free online platforms like Wix, Tumblr, and Blogger have always been the go-to platforms for this project, which is good for bloggers who are not driven by the revenue that could come from blogging.

However, if you intend to start a career as a blogger and make money from it, you’d need more than a free platform. Paid online platforms work best, as their features are not limited, allowing you to carry out specific functions that’ll promote your blog.

With paid blogs, you can customize your site and give it a more professional look, which is in itself a great form of advertisement.

Name your blog right

The name you give your blog is just as important as the content your blog holds. Naming your blog is the foundation for giving your blog identity. Selecting a name that is games-related will appear more professional considering the industry you’re stepping into. The name of your blog is also crucial in selecting a domain name. Having different names could be misleading for most readers.

Since choosing a name for your blog is a delicate process, you need to make sure you select a name you won’t regret later. Here are some tips for selecting the right domain name for your blog:

Choose a broad domain name: Avoid choosing a domain name that is too specific to your niche. It leaves little to no room for expansion in the future. Give your blog broader names that are all-encompassing and can allow you to venture into other niches as your brand gets bigger. Domain names like Minecraft reviews or Console Reviews could limit your blog to certain contents that may get difficult to create over time.

Long domain names are not ideal: Keeping your domain name short is good for your blog. Readers can remember them easily, and access them too. No one wants to spend more than fifteen seconds inputting a long domain name into their browsers.

Explore your creative side: You don’t want your domain name sounding too professional. Try out something fun and expressive. If the domain name you want is already taken, you could try repeating some letters, or better still, replace a word with its closest synonyms.

Avoid purchasing pre-used domain names: Certain domain names can cost a lot. Unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get the name you desire, you shouldn’t consider purchasing existing domain names.

Use domain generating tools: If you ever run out of ideas, you could leverage technology once again. Visit sites that will generate domain names for your blog in minutes.

Buy your domain name and web hosting

After selecting what name you want to be associated with your brand, it is time to take it to the next level. You’ll need to register your domain name and web hosting to become the legal owner of your blog. Blog hosting providers provide you with the necessary details you need to buy your web hosting, which is responsible for uploading your blog live on the internet.

Design your blog

Give your blog a unique theme and layout that draws the attention of readers. These features also make it easier for readers to navigate. Easy navigation will help them spend more time on your blog and get the information they need.

Create essential pages and logos

Create pages that help your readers know about the blog and the masterminds behind it. Include an About Us page, Contact, and Privacy Policy to prevent copyright issues as your brand grows. You should also create a logo for the extra appeal and identification of your blog.

Promote your gaming blog

Get your blog visible to your target audience through promotion. You can have your first few visitors from your family and friends, but you’d need to go broader. Advertise on social media or bring visitors to your blog through guest posting. Promoting your blog gives you access to a larger audience.