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Eek! Losing weight has made my knees wrinkly 

  • An anonymous reader asks Dr Tracy how to overcome saggy skin and kninkles
  • They shared that they feel especially self-conscious whilst on beach holidays
  • Dr Tracy recommends Ultherapy combined with Intracel to tighten skin

Q I’m 56 and used to be quite overweight. However, I’ve recently slimmed down to a size 12, which has left me with a lot of sagging skin — particularly around my knees. I felt so self-conscious on my summer beach holiday. Is there any way to get rid of my kninkles?

A Knee wrinkles are a blight of many women after they have lost weight, because it can leave loose, sagging skin. The drop in hormones during menopause can also affect skin elasticity.

This week Dr Tracy recommends a combined treatment for a reader aged 56 suffering from excess skin on their knees since losing weight

Surgery is not really an option as the risk of over-tightening the skin could affect how the knee works, and scarring could also be a problem. However, there are some highly effective non-surgical options. Ultherapy combined with Intracel is great for the knees and thighs.

Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment which lifts and tightens the skin and muscle. It uses micro-focused ultrasound waves to target the deep structural layers of the skin without disrupting the surface.

After treatment, the body stimulates collagen production, improving elasticity, which has a gradual lifting and tightening effect on the knee. The treatment takes around an hour and skin is noticeably smoother, firmer and tighter. It costs from £2,000.

This can be combined with Intracel, if necessary, which uses needling and radio frequency to improve skin texture while tightening. Treatment takes about 45 minutes and costs from £795. There may be a little redness but this should disappear after a few hours.

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