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Effective Solutions to Improve Your Concentration

Brain fog is another name for an absent-minded psychological condition. People who are troubled with brain fog are often forgetful, slow learners, remain unfocused, and don’t have clear mental thinking.

You could experience such mental issues when you feel the brain is cloudy, thus unable to make you think clearly or focus.

The causes of brain fog are many, but the major cause of the modern-day issue to sitting the whole time in front of a PC. The electromagnetic radiations of the computer and mobile phones affect the person’s brain, and they feel low on energy.

Some other causes of brain fog are lack of sleep, depression, and excessive physical work. Some of the medical conditions that can lead to brain fog are obesity, diabetes, hormonal changes, and irregular menstruation.

Even malnutrition or excessive eating can lead your brain to become completely unfocused. The main symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, mood swing, trouble concentrating, and feeling depressed. They have great trouble concentrating.

They are very forgetful and sometimes feel sleepy even though they won’t enjoy a sound sleep. If you find that you are suffering due to brain fog, which is a hindrance in your active life, then it is best to contact neurologists near your place.

In Morgan Hill, CA you have South Valley Neurology health care unit providing treatment for all kinds of neurological problems including brain fog. You can visit them and get your treatment done to lead an active and lively life again.

Here are some sure remedies for brain fog

  • Take a break in between working before the computer. If it is possible, take a cat nap at noon as that helps your eyes have rest, and you regain the concentration to do your work again.
  • If possible, don’t use mobile phones for more than a few minutes. Continuous browsing of social media apps, watching videos, and playing games for many hours are the prime reasons for brain fog.
  • Make sure that you sleep adequately every day. Lack of sleep can lead to migraines and the pain clogs your brain from concentrating on work.
  • You will need regular exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, or at least joining some clubs to play outdoor games of your choice. It helps your brain to remain active, and you feel refreshed.
  • Try to enjoy a nutritious diet every day. Foods rich in protein and nutrients play a great role in keeping you physically and mentally healthy. Thus, there won’t be any chance of getting brain fog.
  • Enjoy doing your favorite hobbies. It will keep you engaged, relaxed, and active. Your feeling of depression, moodiness, and laziness will vanish.

Many food supplements work wonders to keep your brain fog away from your life:

  • Ginkgo Biloba extract: It is helpful to improve cognitive function. Eventually, it boosts up your energy and you remain active the whole day.
  • Choline Bitartrate: it is a vitamin that is quite important for the growth of the cell membrane and the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. That helps to improve your memory.
  • Gamma Oryzanol: It helps to raise the production of neurotransmitters.

Brain fog isn’t usually a grave health problem, just lead a good life, eat nutritious food and keep yourself physically fit.