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Eight more migrants are caught trying to cross the Channel

Some 109 migrants have been picked up off the UK coast in less than one months. 

Here are the Channel incidents involving migrants on boats/RHIBs/dinghies since November 3:

November 3: 15 picked up in two separate dinghies (8 in one and 7 near Dover. One off the coast near the port and the other close to the beach.

November 9: Seven in a dinghy rescued two miles off Dover who dialled 999 to be rescued in stormy waters.

November 13: 17 people including a woman and boy aged four found in a stolen French fishing boat which was intercepted as it came into the entrance of the marina at Dover.

November 14: 24 found in one day. Nine on one RHIB, 10 crammed into a tiny fishing boat and five picked in a dinghy picked up by a tanker in the English Channel near Ramsgate and taken to Falmouth where the ship docked.

November 16: Seven found in a dinghy at Samphire Hoe near Folkestone.

November 18: Nine found on rocks at Folkestone after getting off a RHIB.

November 22: 14 in two separate dinghies off Kent coast.

November 23: Eight found off Dover

24 November: Five suspected migrants are picked up from a small boat by the French authorities off northern France 

November 25: Eight people, all suffering from hypothermia, are rescued by the French authorities from a small boat in the Channel

* Migrants detected on Lorries:

November 1: 21 Vietnamese found in back of a refrigerated lorry at Newhaven,

November 13: Seven found in the back of a lorry at Dover.

* Eurotunnel incident:

19.11.18: Migrant found dead under a bus at Eurotunnel terminal Folkestone.


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