Einvestment Fund: 5 Key Reasons to Invest In Australia

Finding the right place to invest your funds to maximize the outcomes can be a very tricky and frustrating task. Apart from its sunny beaches and diverse culture, Australia is a country that can serve as a gateway for a high-interest investment fund or expand ongoing businesses. Just the fact that it is one of the best responding countries to COVID-19 adds tremendous value to Australia.

Here are five of the most crucial reasons to invest in Australia:

Solid Foundations of Economy

Even in the unprecedented times and conditions of 2020, the Australian economy has proven itself to be quite resilient as compared to the rest of the world. The two years before 2020 were the only two years it has seen which had negative growth. Their last recession was back in 1991, and they have since then seen an average growth rate of 3.2 percent. This is a remarkable figure as compared to the developed economies globally.

Flourishing Industries

Almost seventy-five percent of the Australiana exported goods in the year 2019 consisted of energy and resources. This is to such an extent that the country rivaled Qatar in its exports of liquefied natural gas. Qatar is a gulf state and the world’s largest export of LPG. The mining of rare earth metals and lithium in Australia is a major propellant for modern gadgets and electric vehicles.

World leader in Agriculture

The agriculture industry of Australia is without a doubt the world leader. Not only are they efficient, but also the most environmentally credible and technologically advanced. The agricultural products of the country go to its high-end food marketplaces and other parts of the world.

Skilled, Diverse, and Innovative Population

Australian workers make up a very diverse workforce that is multicultural and almost twenty-eight percent of the population was not born native to the country. The universities over there are outstanding and seven of them are included in the top 100 universities around the globe. Research and development in every field of life are constantly happening in Australia and it has seen a constant growth of 7 percent each year from 2001.

International Relations

42 percent of the domestic product for the years 2018-19 were consisting of exports and imports from other nations of the world. This makes Australia a trading nation. Almost seventy percent of Australians have access to transnational markets which can be credited to the 14 free trade agreements and twelve large markets in Oceania and Asia.

The foreign direct investment FDI has also grown since 2011 at a rate of 8.5 percent every year. As of the year 2019, 35.5 percent of the overseas investment into stocks was for the mining sector. Exports have also seen broad horizons as the trade-in services have increased at 6.3 percent every year in the past twenty years.