Electricians in Burleson: The Short Guide to Troubleshooting and Repairing Ceiling Fan

One of the reasons to write this post is to help you solve common issues with ceiling fans. Another is to give you information about how you can DIY repair your ceiling fan without spending anything. Let’s get started…

It’s common, ceiling fans can stop working anytime because of one issue or another. During hot summer days, it’s nearly impossible to spend even a few minutes without a fan. That is why it is essential to learn some tricks and tips so that you can fix the fan quickly. The ceiling fan problem could be anything from wobbling, humming, failure to turn on/off etc.

Note: In case, you don’t want to DIY fix your fan, then get in touch with an Electrician in Burleson or nearby area for a fix.

Understanding The Basics

The core question is how a ceiling fan works? We all know that ceiling fans make a room more comfortable especially during high temperatures. The fan mechanism is designed to stir up the breeze in the room. Hence, lowering the overall temperature of the room and your air conditioning bills for good!

Do you know? Some ceiling fans can be reversed to circulate warm air. This way the warm air collected at the ceiling can be pushed down into the room. Almost all fans can implement this feature, but only a few home-owners would actually use it. In short! It’s still not in the mainstream usage of ceiling fans.

 Ceiling Fan – Parts

The basic part of the common ceiling fan includes an electric motor, blades and irons that keep the blades in places. Some ceiling fans also come with mounting devices. Otherwise, a ceiling fan is simply fitted on a hook.

Ceiling Fan – Not Working At All

Precaution: Ensure to turn-off the electricity circuit before you move to disassemble the fan.

So, you have a fan which is in an absolute dead state. In other words, there is no humming, wobbling, etc. When you try to switch ‘on’ the switch – nothing happens. In such scenarios, the first step is to ensure that the fan is receiving electrical power or not!

Next, check the switch. Can you find an electrical panel that supplies electricity to the ceiling fan? Chances are it’s the same circuit that supplies power to ceiling light in the same room. You are looking for a circuit breaker that has flipped. In case you find one, flip it all the way, and then turn it back on – that is how you reset a breaker. Now you can try once again, check if the ceiling fan is working?

If you are reading this, chances are that the previous solution has failed to fix your issues. Next, step is to check whether the fault is in the switch which controls the fan. Typically, the switch is a gate then opens and closes in order to interrupt/complete the circuit respectively.

The aim here is to complete the circuit without the switch! Let’s see if this works? Do this by removing the switch, twisting together its bare end of the wire, then secures them with a screw. Switch on the fan. Does it work? In this scenario, if the fan works then all you need to do is replace the switch and you are good to go…

Depending on your problem you can either DIY fix it or get professional assistance. You can get in touch with Mr. Electric of Fort Worth – it’s worth a call! Get fix on all ceiling fan related problems at an affordable rate. We are open! Now you know how to fix your ceiling fan and get back your comfort.