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Elizabeth Warren wows gay-rights town hall with marriage zinger

‘Just marry one woman … assuming you can find one!’ Elizabeth Warren wows gay-rights town hall with answer to evangelicals who say marriage is ‘between one man and one woman’

  • The Massachusetts senator spoke at a Human Rights Campaign town hall broadcast on CNN 
  • She was asked how she would respond to an Evangelical supporter who believes marriage is between ‘one man and one woman’
  • Her response: that he should ‘then just marry one woman’
  • Then, she added: ‘assuming you can find one’
  • The remark drew laughs from the crowd and got shared online 

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren won a laugh from a town hall crowd when she made a quip about how she would respond to an Evangelical supporter opposed to gay marriage. 

Warren made the remark at a town hall sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and broadcast on CNN, when asked how she would respond to an Evangelical supporter.  

‘You’re on the campaign trail and a supporter approaches you and says, “Senator, I’m old-fashioned and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman,”‘ HRC board member Morgan Cox asked her. 

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a viral moment with her quip about gay marriage Thursday 

Asked for her response, Warren answered: ‘I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that, and I’m just going to say: then just marry one woman,’ she said, to laughs. “I’m cool with that,’ she added, to sustained applause from the crowd.

Warren shrugged her shoulders, then came in with a smack-down: ‘Assuming you can find one,’ she said. 

The clip immediately drew posts on Twitter and other platforms, with some commentators pointing to the viral moment and others saying it could show a lack of attentiveness to socially conservative voters who hold sway in some battleground states. 

Warren, who has surged in the polls, released a new plan where she vowed to use ‘every legal tool’ to ensure equal LGBT rights. 


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