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Email Marketing Statistics

An effective strategy for business promotion will help you significantly increase profits and brand awareness. To do this, you need to examine the static data. With their help, every entrepreneur will understand how important it is to use email marketing to connect with target customers.

The e-mail is one of the most popular communication methods – around 306 billion letters are sent every year. Therefore, you can efficiently promote your brand by creating suitable text for mail-outs.

You can contact Massmailsoftware, which has an Experience cloud or choose a suitable application for automating mass mailings. Special plugins will help you simplify the process of notifying a large number of people at the same time.

Effectiveness measurement for the assessment of an advertising campaign

Regular mailings can improve your relationships with customers, show the importance of your brand and the quality of the services. There are several main indicators that make it clear how effective an advertising campaign can be.

Business development with the help of email newsletters.

Thanks to regular mailings, you will not only attract new customers but also return those who made purchases earlier. You can customize the Salesforce event calendar to send messages at a specified time. It’s enough to indicate the competitive advantages in the letter and show the target audience the benefits of purchasing goods from you.

Use of email.

Each computer owner has their own email account (more than 4 billion users). Therefore, your customers are highly likely to have already installed the email client on their phones. Thanks to this, you can quickly contact each customer.

Newsletter to stimulate sales.

Advertising on social networks or messengers works, but the use of the personalized newsletter with the Salesforce event app has a much better effect on conversions. About 60% of customers purchase goods after receiving an email.

Prompt communication with the consumer.

Within an hour after you sent a message, about 21% of users will open their letters. This is a good indicator, therefore, attracting attention through a newsletter is one of the most effective methods.

Automation techniques.

The integrated event management software allows you to reduce the time spent on mass mailings. Using the functionality of the program, you can choose the time for sending and the contact database that will receive your notification. You will just need to wait for the result and enjoy the increase in sales.

By choosing special programs to optimize mailings, you will be able to customize event listing Salesforce offers. All functions are aimed at the convenience of customers, so there will be no difficulties while creating messages. Divide your clients into several categories to send your ad campaign to a specific group of people who will be interested in your offer.

You can make sure that your letter has reached the addressee with the help of special email opening tracking services.