Emotional Scott Morrison reads Hannah Clarke’s final Instagram message

Emotional moment Scott Morrison’s voice quivers as he reveals his personal reaction to the Brisbane car murder that killed Hannah Clarke and her three children

An emotional Scott Morrison has said he and his wife Jenny ‘cannot comprehend’ the brutal death of Hannah Clarke – as he read her final Instagram message to Parliament.

The Prime Minister paid tribute to Ms Clarke, who was killed with her three children by her estranged husband last week, at the start of Question Time on Wednesday.   

With a quivering voice, he said: ‘When Jenny and I spoke about it, we just couldn’t get our heads around it, as I’m sure is the case for every single parent, and it doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not – you can’t imagine it.

‘It is just too horrible to contemplate. The act itself and that somebody could perpetrate that act, particularly as a father. It is incomprehensible. 

‘And such depravity that only makes you ask – how does such evil happen in our land?

‘To the Clarke family all of us here extend our sympathies and our love, but I must wonder if that could ever be enough to cover the profound grief.’


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