Energy support scheme offering £400 to households set to end within days

Don’t miss out on £400! Warning for thousands of households as free cash offer is set to end within days

  • Thousands of households may benefit from an energy support bill
  • Those who did not receive the energy rebate in October will be able to claim 
  • Eligible applicants have until the end of the month to apply for the scheme 

Over 900,000 households may benefit from a £400 Government energy support bill, but have days left to apply. 

The one time payment is non-repayable and will help households who did not automatically receive the £400 energy rebate issued from October 2022. 

The scheme closes on May 31, 2023 and will benefit residents living in park or care homes and other properties off the electric grid. 

Those who pay their landlord directly for energy on a commercial tariff will also be able to claim support.    

Thousands may miss out on a £400 one-time payment from a government support scheme which closes at the end of the month

The Energy Support Scheme Alternative Funding, aims to help families battling the rising cost of living. Those eligible for the scheme can apply via an online portal. 

England, Scotland and Wales can use the Government’s online portal, while those in Northern Ireland can apply through a separate portal. 

Thousands of households are set to benefit from the payment including those who live on farms, houseboats or mobile homes.

Only one application can be made per household and those who have already received the energy rebate cannot apply. 

To check if you’re eligible you can access the website or call the Government’s Contact Centre from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

The application will need your email address, phone number and bank details.

Those who are not registered for council tax will need to upload proof of address as part of the application process. 

Any applicants living in care homes will need to upload an invoice for care home fees or an official document from the care home. 

The government website has further details on how to apply and when payments will be made. 

The £400 will be paid depending on the date the application was made and when it was processed.

Amanda Solloway, Minister at the Department for Energy and Security and Net Zero said: ‘I’m urging everyone who couldn’t get their EBSS discounts in the regular way to apply via our secure channels.

‘It’s essential you submit your application as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner help can get to you.’ 

The EBBS is just one of the government schemes to tackle the energy crisis. 

Many households, including property guardians and those living in student accommodation, may be eligible for £200 as part of the Alternative Fuel Payment scheme, which also closes May 31, 2023.