EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy slash biills for businesses and households across Australia

Three Australian states to have home power bills slashed – but households elsewhere should brace for an increase

  • EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy are reducing energy bills across the country  
  • The decrease is due to wholesale energy prices being passed on to customers 
  • Victorians miss out and will see an increase of $6-$56 on their annual power bill 
  • ACT customers will see a surge of $200 a year as state moves to 100% renewable

Thousands of Australians are set to expect huge savings on their annual power bills as two major energy retailers provide lower rates, but some states have been left in the dark. 

Households and businesses in states across New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland are set to see electricity rates dropped during the new 2021/22 financial year as reductions in wholesale energy prices are passed on to customers.

On Thursday, EnergyAustralia announced the average price reductions for households ranging from $44 to $112 in the different distribution areas of NSW, $60 in Queensland and a whopping $114 for SA. 

EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy have slashed annual power bills for households and businesses across the country

Over a 100,000 customers across parts of NSW will see a 5 per cent slash to energy costs, while businesses will pocket an average $294 in savings.

Rival retailer Origin Energy is cutting $78 from annual average household bills and $184 for businesses who fall within certain NSW distribution areas, with the changes applying to most customers on a variable rate. 

Origin customers can expect an annual saving of $48 in QLD and $97 off power bills in South Australia. 

However unlucky customers in Victoria and the ACT are expected to see an increase in their annual power bill.

Household electricity prices for Victorians will increase between $6 and $56 depending on customers tariff type. 

While residents in the ACT are set to see their household bills sky-rocket by $200, as the Territory makes the move to 100 per cent renewable energy. 

‘We urge any customer who might be struggling with their energy bills as a result of Covid-19 to reach out immediately – we have a variety of support options available, including payment plans, extensions and a stay-connected guarantee,’ said EnergyAustralia Chief Customer Officer Mark Brownfield. 

Electricity prices from July 1: 

Origin Energy customers on the variable flat rate:

NSW households will see a rate decrease of 2.7%  with consumers saving up to $54 and businesses a -3.2% drop saving $158

QLD residents will receive a 3% rate drop with an annual saving of $48 and businesses enjoying a 3.4% saving or $142   

SA customers will see a 5.3% rate decrease with an annual power bill saving of $97 with businesses saving up to $106

ACT will see a 6% increase with $109 increase on household power bills while businesses will cough up an extra $1,073


Household energy reductions between $44-$112 for residents in NSW

An annual $60 in savings for QLD households

$114 of annual savings for residents in SA 

VIC household will see an increase between $6-$56 depending on tariff type

ACT are set to see an average $197 increase to household bills