England and Crystal Palace star Eberechi Eze is filmed giving heartfelt reaction to incredible mural of him being painted in south London ahead of Euro 2024

  • A huge mural of Eberechi Eze has been pained on a estate in Bermondsey
  • The England and Crystal Palace star was elected because he grew up locally  
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England star Eberechi Eze expressed his gratitude as he watched a video of an artist spray painting a giant mural of himself on the wall of a housing estate in south-east London.

The Kirby Estate in Bermondsey now boasts a huge image of the Crystal Palace winger, who seemed touched as he viewed the clip.  

Eze was picked because he grew up locally, starting his career at Millwall and playing as a teenager for London clubs QPR, Fulham and Arsenal before eventually joining Crystal Palace. 

‘Nah this is deep man, Eze said as he watched. ‘In the ends as well… this is insane man, this is insane. 


Eberechi Eze gave a heartfelt reaction as he was shown a video of his mural being painted 

‘Your picture’s on a wall now somewhere, someone has painted you. It’s in the ends as well so that’s huge. My family is gonna be out there taking a picture soon. 

‘Nah grateful man. I feel like I’m representing the whole of south! That’s what it feels like, probably not but it feels like I am. Glory to God. 

‘In south London that’s what they do man, they always try and celebrate someone. So to have my own now. 

‘My boys live there as well that’s what’s mad. My whole group chat was going off. That’s a big blessing man, big blessing.’

Street artist Mr Meana said there were challenges with Eze’s portrait: ‘It was difficult to get the natural look because the brickwork is a lot deeper than we are used to.

The Kirby Estate in Bermondsey now boasts a huge image of the Crystal Palace winger

The Kirby Estate in Bermondsey now boasts a huge image of the Crystal Palace winger

‘So it was a little bit harder work than usual. But you know you’ve got to earn it sometimes. Right?’

‘He is a local lad and we believe he’s a fantastic prospect, a great player,’ 

Eze spoke to Mail Sport on Thursday and did not seem hung up on the notion of winning a start against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen this weekend. 

‘It’s not just about the 11,’ he insisted. ‘It’s about the whole team, the culture, the collective. You win the tournament as a collective. Everyone knows that, everyone wants to understand that.

‘It’s putting your ego to the side and being able to focus on what’s important for the team. If you have that type of culture, which we do, you’ve got the best chance. The manager spoke about ‘finishers’. We call them finishers, we know that. The players that come onto the pitch, there is a mentality about it, there’s a way to go about it. There’s importance in that role, it’s not just about the 11.’

‘It was obviously my first time getting that text message (in the squad), but this is after my Achilles had been ruptured on the training pitch,’ he revealed.

‘I’d gone inside, checked my phone and saw the message, so it was a tough day. From then, you’re dealing with the emotion of, ‘what could have been’. I was there watching (Euro 2020) with a cast on my foot. In that time, you’re overthinking, ‘Oh, imagine if I was there’.

‘But I think those types of experiences make you stronger, they build your character and they give you more strength going forward.’ 

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