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ENT Specialists and Rhinoplasty

Types of medical specialists in Singapore

ENT Doctors

The practice of otolaryngology (or alternatively referred to as the study of Ear, Nose and Throat) includes the understanding of diagnosis and treatment for ailments afflicting the ear, nose and throat regions. An individual fully trained, schooled and specialized in ENT would henceforth be conferred the title of otolaryngologist. They are especially adept at treating problems and diseases that afflict the ENT region, such as deviated septums. Persons should highly think about a medical opinion from an ENT specialist, like Dr Dennis Chua, when looking to solvean disease like the abovementioned.

ENT-related conditions covered by Otolaryngology include abnormalities that afflict the ear. These conditions may upset your balance and equilibrium, as well as cause pain or tinnitus. These ailments are present in the individual from birth or sudden infections that arise in the early childhood years or adulthood.

Ailments that arise in the ear, nose and throat proximities also include diseases that afflict the nose region and at the areas surrounding it. Sinusitis (otherwise commonly known as sinus infections) is a exceedingly prevalent occurance for many Singaporeans of all demographics and races. Sinus infections may hinder the ability to breathe and smell,  cause you to look fatigued or puffed up in the face.

In our little red dot, Singapore, surgery in and around the ear, nose and throat regions is most used to correct structural abnormalities within the ear, nose and throat area. However, as the facial areas and appearance of a person largely overlaps with common sites for ear, nose and throat procedures, some surgeries in ENT surgery may be utilised for cosmetic purposes. An example would be rhinoplasty (or widely known as a “nose job”). Kindly understand that rhinoplasty implemented for fully cosmetic needs will be ineligible for insurance coverage . In terms of outlay, you would be looking at upwards of $8500 from your own pocket for a aesthetic rhinoplasty surgical procedure.

Men’s Health + Women’s Doctor

Although there are many individuals may mistake males and women’s health doctors to be GPS, it’s essential to be aware of: in that they don’t treat serious problems, and only a far more precise array of problems. Often, they deal with sexual health for all men’s and women’s complications. Frequently, these clinics deliver a broad range of wellness screening tests, for instance HIV screening and also STD tests.  Considering the sensitivity of the contents of the assessments, the highest awareness is paid to upkeeping discretion and anonymity, in order to provde patient privacy.

HIV screenings are done by a physician utilizing a HIV test kit. The assessment process also need the taking of the patient’s blood test. This blood specimen is then sent for lab tests to see if it reacts to laboratory grown virus proteins. HIV & STD screening are quite inexpensive in the Garden City, Singapore, charges  often stay in a few hundred bucks. These medical establishments also have certain solutions focusing on males or females.

For example, males can choose testosterone replacement therapy in case they are suffering from very low levels of testosterone due to drug and/or steroid abuse or old age. Drugs to induce vasodilation as Cialis are quite commonly given by men’s health doctors. Along with advancements in modern medicine, medical professionals of today have access to complex ways for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). An illustration of this is the usage of ultrasound technological innovation in the therapy for erectile dysfunction.

For ladies, illnesses where their privates are affected are the most frequently dealt with in women’s health establishments. Breast cancer is the deadliest kind of cancer that most female lives among cancers yearly within Singapore. The significance of frequent mammogram screening cannot be highlighted more. Chances for survival increase drastically with early detection. Ladies aged 40 & up are firmly encouraged to participate in consistent mammogram tests. Pap smear assessments may also be a crucial assessment to go for in order to identify a range of illnesses early on. Pap smears test specially for signs of cervical cancer and are also ideal done no less than five days after a women’s menstrual cycle finishes.


Gastroenterologists are gastro-intestinal practitioners, a immensely recognised doctors that specialise in conditions related to the stomach or gut areas. It requires a minimum of 7 yrs of practical experience within public medical facilities for example the NUH or Tan Tock Seng before physicians of talent are able to identify themselves a specialist gastroenterologist. I’m sure quite a lot of you have read of goes on during an endoscopy. While it sounds scary to have a scope placed all the way inside that body of yours, the distress is described to be well accepted by people. Endoscopy is additionally classified into several types of procedures, depending on the area of the body the medical specialist is examining with the most frequent ones being colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

Colonoscopy is a procedure which offers a range of purposes. Primarily applied to look for cancer of the colon, colonoscopy can offer the attending medical doctor graphic confirmation of any pre-existing tumours, typically learning them ahead of the patients are actually mindful of it themselves. Colonoscopy screenings are conducted by inserting a soft, rubbery tube up by way of the individual ‘s anus. This particular scope features a tiny camera on the tip of the scope, and makes it possible for the gastroenterologist to view the insides of the individual’s colon. In a different, often requested method termed gastroscopy, the scope is put in the body to examine the top of the digestive tract. The scope gets in the body by way of the oral cavity, enabling the attending medical practitioner to look at the interior of structures such as the stomach as well as gullet.

If perhaps you are anxious about pain, you can relax then. Sedation is available for endoscopy processes. The processes are generally quick, taking less than an hour. Endoscopy is a day procedure and does not require ward admission in the clinic. When called for by the gastroenterologist, the expenses may be claimed against your health insurance program.