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Eric Walsh: Amazon’s Passive Income Combined with Real Estate Creates Wealth

There are not too many 26-year-olds who have their dream home, dream car, and dreamboat. Those that do may have inherited the money to buy them, but Eric Walsh earned his the old-fashioned way: he worked for them.

“I was five years out of college, which I dropped out of, by the way,” he remembers. “I had a vision for the lifestyle I wanted, and I was determined to find a way to have it. I used the money I was earning from my company to invest in eCommerce businesses with Amazon and Walmart. That worked so well that in my mid-twenties, I found myself living on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut, which was truly beautiful. I had found a great way to support myself and to keep generating income.”

When you talk to Eric, you quickly realize that he’s not bragging. He may be proud of what he’s accomplished at the age of 33, but he genuinely wants to use the lessons he’s learned from running multiple successful businesses to help others climb up the financial ladder like he did.

“My story is one that involves earning passive income from Walmart and Amazon and then turning around to invest it in real estate,” he says. “I fix and flip both long and short-term rentals to generate more income for myself. It’s a strategy that has resulted in the income and the lifestyle I want to have.”

Back at age 21, Eric says that he eventually pocketed another $50,000 when he sold his dream home and got into a bigger home for a great price. He then sold that for $100,000 more and invested that in a new property that was in his lifestyle.

“Today, I am living in a lake house that has a second property on the land,” says Eric. “I renovated that and listed it on VRBO, so it is now generating passive income. I plan to keep this home in Connecticut and buy properties in Miami and Colorado, using those to generate more income for myself.”

How has Eric been able to accomplish all of this by the age of 33? He has become an expert in passive income, especially through selling on Walmart and Amazon. “I got my big breakthrough in 2013 when I started selling on Amazon. I turned $1,000 into multiple seven-figure businesses, and that has taken me to where I am today.”

After achieving the life he desired, Eric is using his knowledge to help others do the same. He created The Genius Academy Automation to help his clients generate passive income by selling online just like he did.

As Eric explains, “Anyone can do what I’ve done. I’m not Steven Jobs – I’m just a regular person like anyone else who figured out how to be successful selling online, and now I am passing along what I learned to other people.”

At The Genius Academy Automation, Eric’s team shows each client how to open an LLC and form a legitimate business. They then open their Amazon Seller Central account under their company’s name.

“From there, my team and I will find everyday products that consistently sell. We will identify them through our proven system that has been over five years in the making. We will create the listings, optimize them, ship customers’ orders, and handle all the customer service and every single aspect of the business from A-Z. You provide the capital to fund the business, and we will turn that capital into profits.”

For those who want to do things themselves and be more hands-on, Eric has a digital masterclass called the Genius Academy, which shows clients exactly how he built a seven-figure eCommerce business.

“It will fast track you with all the tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts that I spent eight years learning and literally tens of thousands of dollars perfecting. When you partner with a proven expert like me, you can feel confident that I am putting your hard-earned money to work for you.”

He believes that eCommerce has the opportunity to create general wealth. “While many people think the market is too saturated, especially when it comes to selling on Amazon, that is just the furthest thing from the truth.

Too many people doubt themselves and even underestimate just how big the population actually is and how much people spend money on things they absolutely do not need.

If you are going to sell online, why wouldn’t you sell on a marketplace like Amazon, where literally millions and millions of people whip out their credit card to shop every day?”

Through The Genius Academy Automation, Eric is showing his clients that there is no reason not to sell online, especially when the income they earn is passive.

Eric and his business are helping a new generation of eCommerce business owners to build the kind of wealth that changes lives and opens up new possibilities.