News, Culture & Society Announces Its Collaboration With More ENL Writers in 2021 is among the top 10 essay writing services in the USA. Nowadays, thousands of students place their orders on this platform and get their papers back just in time for submission. The high rates of the website and positive reviews from the clients keep us certain this platform has rightfully gained its popularity.

Still, recently Essay Writer has announced some groundbreaking improvements coming. For the year 2021, they plan to recruit more ENL than ESL writers to boost the quality of the delivered papers to the brand-new level. As an addition to this huge improvement, each ESL writer would now be supervised by an ENL expert so that even cheaper papers would line up to the high standards of essay writing.

Two Types of Professional Essay Writers

Recruitment of the best writers on the market is the goal of any successful essay writing service. Therefore, each company creates its own screening systems, test tasks, and standards for writers to ensure clients would get the paper of the best possible quality.

Usually, the better the writer is assigned to work on the order, the higher is the price. Still, that is not the rule for every company. Therefore, announced that the price policy wouldn’t drastically change after hiring more ENL experts and students that are on a budget or had to cut expenses due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic won’t lose a chance to use the service and benefit from the improved quality.

Still, the other question remains. What’s the big difference between ESL and ENL writers, and is it really that great – having an ENL writer working on your paper?


ESL abbreviation stands for “English as a second language.” These writers weren’t born in English-speaking countries and have mastered English only after learning their mother tongue. So, whenever you order a paper from an ESL writer, you might want to check it before submission.

It’s not like there would be any obvious grammar mistakes or hideous typos. Still, some words might seem a bit inappropriate in the context and would better be replaced with synonyms. Or the sentence structure – you might want it more complicated or straightforward.

By the way, Essay Writer has an army of editors and proofreaders to eliminate these kinds of issues in your paper. Also, starting from 2021 this process is promised to be even more strict.


ENL stands for “English as a native language” and means the writer was born in an English-speaking country, or English is his or her mother tongue. These writers choose the best words suiting the context, never mix up tenses, or make stylistic mistakes. As a result, the text written by an ENL writer is easier to read, and the flow is close to perfect.

On the other hand, ENL writers can have less expertise in the field to get the job. For example, an ESL writer holding a Ph.D. degree would have the same value as an ENL writer with MA. These differences are not huge in terms of writing basic essays and papers for college. Still, you might want to consider them when ordering a thesis or course paper.

How Are ENL Writers Better Than ESL?

The answer to this question might seem obvious. First, an ENL writer is better, as English is his or her native language, so the number of possible mistakes and imperfections in the paper would be close to nothing. In addition, ENL writers have a better feel for the language, richer vocabulary, and produce papers of higher quality.

Still, we have to stop here for one second and consider international students who are usually non-native English speakers. If these young people are willing to order the paper from an online service, they sometimes look for ESL writers on purpose. Again, nobody is into grammar mistakes, typos, or broken sentences. A reliable and popular platform would never let paper like that go through internal quality control. Still, non-native speakers do have their own manner of expressing themselves in English. No native speaker can fake that.

So, whenever you are about to place your order online, do not fall for the widespread belief that ENL writers are ultimately better than ESL. It always depends on your goals and background. Also, with an essay writer, you can rest assured your order would be polished up to perfection, even if you got an ESL writer assigned to your order.’s Main Goals For 2021 has a couple of reasons to increase the number of ENL writers. First, this platform primarily works with USA students, 80% of whom happen to be native English speakers. Second, the platform stated that the number of ESL writers recruited by the company right now is higher than the number of ENL experts. They want to improve the proportion to deliver papers of higher quality. Third, Essay Writer aims to hire only native speakers for editing and proofreading – so by the end of the year, the editing team would consist of ENL experts only.

Welcome More ENL Writers

That is the first and the most important goal set up by the company. Owners say they want to boost the value of the team by adding more ENL writers and deliver more relevant services to American students. Still, Essay Writer is not ready to reduce the number of ESL writers, as the USA welcomes thousands of international students yearly. Moreover, non-native speakers are better with the service from ESL experts.

Improve Present ESL Experts

Even though the company is not ready to let ESL writers go (and for a good reason), they decided to improve their writing quality. First, the work of each ESL writer would be supervised by a native speaker. Second, the editor’s team is about to face drastic changes in personnel policy, and by the end of the year, it should consist of ENL experts only.

Pros and Cons of ENL Writers

Even though hiring ESL writers is sometimes more beneficial in terms of financial expenses and the hard work they put into each paper due to the high competition on the market, ENL experts are still valued more. There are some good reasons for that.


  • Impeccable grammar and word choice.
  • Perfectly constructed sentences.
  • No broken sentences and gibberish content.
  • Better flow of the text, easy to read.
  • Faster delivery of the paper (statistically).
  • More creativity in writing.


  • Significantly higher price policy.
  • Sometimes less expertise in the field.
  • No good for international students.

Bottom Line

The year 2021 brings a lot of changes to the studying process, so all the essay writing platforms are trying to keep up and provide users with better service. Essay Writer is one of the leaders on the market due to the recent stats and external reviews. Still, the company never stops its growth.

This year they have decided to boost their expertise and the quality of writing by hiring more ENL writers without the extreme changes in the price policy.  The ESL writers working for the company will stay, but their work would be supervised and checked by ENL experts at each stage of the writing process.