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Essential Travel Destinations for Food and Beer Lovers

Travelling is one of the best ways to spend your time and money and while you don’t really need a reason to travel, following a trail of great cuisines and exquisite beers would be almost any food and drink connoisseur’s dream.

As you plan your next gourmet adventure, here are several places that will blow your mind with their delicious offers of food and beverages.


As the birthplace of pasta and pizza, Italy surely ranks high on any foodie’s bucket list but it can get tricky when you need to decide where to start. Take it from the Italians themselves and start from the place they call “The Fat One” or “La Grassa”, the famous nickname for Bologna. Widely known for its exceptional food, its proximity to the sea and mountains allow it to have access to the best ingredients such as white truffles, Parma ham and parmesan cheese. Your next stop could be Piedmont, a place graced with numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, spas, luxury hotels and Alpine resorts with spectacular vistas. Time your visit in autumn so you can enjoy the fruits of the truffle harvest and all the rich and inviting colours of the season.


Australia is famous for its warm climate that is particularly favourable for the wine industry, but there’s another industry that has had its boom in the past decade and it’s beer! The industry has grown by the whopping 200% and beer-loving Aussies across the country are quitting their jobs to open their unique breweries.

It’s estimated that every six days, a new craft brewery opens in Australia and while there’s still a long way to go, the future’s looking swell! The south coast is probably the best place to start but bear in mind you won’t be able to see and taste everything in one vacation. The best option is to find a popular microbrewery that is family owned and comes highly recommended by the locals and enjoy their offer. They are proud of their deep appreciation for the history of the region and the traditions of brewing which gives their produce rich taste and tons of character.


A great way to get to know Canada and Toronto food scene is by joining in Tasty Tours, in particular, the Kensington Market Sweet and Savoury Food Tour which is a walking tour that treats you with everything from lunch, dessert and anything in between or the Ultimate Chocolate Tour, every chocoholic’s dream.

Depending on the type of the experience you’re looking for, you’ll be able to explore the city on foot through the street stalls, have a picnic in the park, ask for a custom tour, do a neighbourhood tour with a professional chef and take a class or two and simply savour the smells and tastes of Toronto on your own exploratory tour. Toronto is also proud of its long history of beer and by joining the Beer Lover’s Tour Co. you’ll be a part of tastings at the city’s most beloved craft breweries. It’s not just a drinking tour but a walking tour of the local history that will give you a true insight into Toronto’s past.


Leaving the best for last, you finally arrive in Ireland to enjoy the rich taste of Guinness, their national beer. Mark your map so it includes the famous stout brewery The Storehouse in Dublin with its 9000 year-long lease where you’ll enjoy learning about its rich history and relish in the true connoisseur’s experience guided by the expert staff. For an authentic Irish experience, book a room above a pub in the Temple Bar District and absorb the unique atmosphere of 400-year-old The Norseman which takes pride in their traditional Irish fare and musicians who perform there every night. A visit to Trinity College and the Dublin Castle thereafter will complete your experience and make a lasting impression.

Choose your destination from our list of suggestions and include it in your bucket list so that as you travel around the world and live your best life, you can also treat your taste buds with an amazing array of different flavours of delicious food and irresistible beer aromas.