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ETFinance EU Review

There are a lot of investment opportunities in the world we live in, many of which hold tremendous profit prospects. Having an investment is different from having a successful and profitable investment. The two are entirely different situations, although they both stem from the same concept of using an asset to get more of the same or other assets. Investing is simply the art of putting out some form of an asset on a trade execution to make a profit.

The intention of any investor is profit. Profit makes a successful investor as well as it produces an unsuccessful one. The ability of an investor to adequately manage the factors that surround the trade market, in which such an investor has staked his/her assets, determines such an investor’s trade success and, by extension, profit.

Financial assets are one of the leading trade asset investments in which asset traders invest their assets. The popularity of financial assets in the assets trade market is as a result of the unlimited profit prospects which they hold. Financial assets are so many; it would take years of hard work to master the entire art of their trading completely.

Financial assets are highly volatile, and so trading them requires a very dynamic set of skills, because what worked in the past might not work today. The volatility of the financial assets market has spurred a lot of investors to attempt to anticipate likely changes in the market using technical, financial tools.

To decide which financial asset to invest in could be a very tedious process because of the volatility and other factors that surround the financial asset trade market. This is the reason many investors employ the agency of an investment broker who helps guide their trades and trade decisions.

An investment broker is an agency through which an investor trades his or her financial assets. The broker provides a platform as well as a guidance system to help investors make the best of their trade orders.

Choosing an investment broker is another tedious process on the long path to trading financial assets successfully, and this is because there are lots of investment brokers available in the financial world. The multitude of investment brokers available is also another enigma that surrounds the assets trade market, and this is because, among the throngs of brokers, some promise so much and yet deliver so little.

Likewise, some don’t have the right set of assets to fit into the investment goals of traders, as well as those who do not have enough assets to deliver the profit margins an investor or trader requires in the financial market. The factors that surround choosing an investment broker are almost as much as choosing an asset to trade itself, but the fantastic thing is that a good investment broker makes trading practically entirely seamless.

The enigmatic factors that surround the investment brokerage circle are why the proper review of a brokerage platform must be considered before investing in such a platform. ETFinance is one of the investment asset brokers available in the market today. Here is a review of its platform, follow along.


Broker ETFinance
Parent company Magnus FX (Cyprus) Limited
Location Cyprus
Established 2018
Trading accounts Real Trading Accounts: Silver Account, Gold Account, and Platinum Account.
Regulations Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Regulated payment providers Wirecard, Trustly, and Isignthis.
Demo Account Yes
Customer support Live chat, telephone, email. Twenty-four hours a day, five days a week.
Commissions Zero
Trading platform MetaTrader 4, and Web Trader.
Assets coverage Major, minor, gold, silver, metals, stock, indices, oil, commodities, energies, CFDs, ETFs, cryptocurrencies.
Deposit methods Visa card, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, and skrill.
Withdrawal methods Visa card, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, and skrill.
Mobile trading platform Yes (Android and iOS)
Web-based trading Yes
Maximum Leverage 1:30 ( retail clients)
1:500 (professional traders)
Minimum deposit $250
Educational resources Earnings calendar, economic calendar, eBooks, courses, tutorials, VOD, articles, and webinars.
Website language options English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Svenska languages.
Supported countries Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, and other EEA countries.
Demo account Yes
Islamic account. Yes
Crypto products Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash coin (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Neo, Ripple (XRP), Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT), Swiss coin (SIC), and others.

ETFinance is an investment brokerage platform of Magnum FX Ltd, located in Limassol, Cyprus. This brokerage platform is a multi-award winning platform, and it envisions a future where it serves and provides its clients the opportunities to achieve the best possible profit margins in the trade market. This platform is an official partner of the Real Madrid basketball club.

The ETFinance platform is a user-friendly platform, with its trading platforms available both on web and mobile devices. With this trading platform of the broker, clients and traders on this broker’s service can access their trades from any location across the globe, and on any internet-enabled device.

The broker offers trade opportunities in three major areas of the financial assets trade circle – these are the Forex trade market, the Stocks market, and the Commodity market. The range of assets available on the ETFinance platform signifies the range of opportunities available on its platform. The Forex trade market alone is a gold bag of investment opportunities. The opportunities that surround the Forex trade market are so numerous it would take years of learning to master the art of Forex trade completely.

The ETFinance platform also offers trade opportunities in the commodities and the stocks market, such that the prospects on this platform are just innumerable. The ETFinance platform provides all these opportunities to help its clients achieve their financial and trading goals, which is equally its vision of assisting them in attaining the best height possible financially. As an investor on this platform, you could decide to trade assets with a dynamic mix of trade assets, or you could choose to focus the art of your trade around a single asset (or a separate class of assets). It all depends on you. ETFinance has it all available for its clients.

Education is a major stronghold of the ETFinance platform. Thus, the broker empowers investors on its platform by exposing them to wealthy educational resources. These resources cover a broad expanse of topics in the assets trade market. The educational resources available on the ETFinance platform can turn a complete novice of the assets trading market into a guru of the trade market in a short while. These educational resources are also very resourceful for expert investors to master the trade and dynamics of the financial market. ETFinance has more fantastic resources, and all a trader needs to do is subject him or herself to learning.

ETFinance also provides in-depth analysis to help guide its investors to the best of trade decisions. There are trading signals and trading tools made available for traders and investors on the ETFinance platform.

In terms of trading accounts, the broker ensures that traders from different levels in the market have something to fit in. There are multiple trading accounts available on the broker’s platform.

Likewise, there are security measures on the broker’s platform to ensure that the funds and investment of the traders are protected. Besides, ETFinance and its activities are regulated by financial regulatory authorities.



The design of the ETFinance platform put into consideration the fact that there are a lot of investors who have different investment goals as well as investment capacities. The ETFinance team knows that a single universal type of account will not do for all the various types of investors, and this is why the ETFinance platform provides three different account tiers to meet with the needs of different kinds of investors. All these accounts have features unique to them, and these features help investors achieve the best trading results possible on the ETFinance platform.

Below is a list of the account tiers available on the ETFinance platform and the factors that surround them.

The Silver Trading Account: According to a statement on the ETFinance website, this account tier “has everything you need at the beginner’s stage.” This account tier is a perfect starting stage for financial assets investments, and this is because its design and features are framed to meet the needs of a novice trader. The features attached to this account are:

  • Seven hundred and fifty (750) assets
  • 07 minimum spreads
  • 1:30 maximum leverage
  • Full 10 hours support, (8 am – 4 pm GMT)

Perhaps you are not familiar with the trading environment, the silver account on the ETFinance platform is a good starting point. The support team at ETFinance will be behind you all the way, as they provide a full 10 hours daily support.

The Gold Trading Account: The Gold trading account follows the silver account in the hierarchy of ETFinance accounts. This account is not for beginners. It is best suited to those who have been trading for some time and have recorded some form of consistent trade success. The features affiliated with this account are designed to empower investors of this class to make the best trade decisions possible. The features of the Gold account on the ETFinance platform are listed below:

  • 05 minimum spreads
  • 1:30 maximum leverage (for retail accounts)
  • 1:400/1:500 maximum leverage (for professional accounts)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Webinars & videos
  • Hedging
  • Swap discount (25%)

The features of this trading account are just the best fit to help a trader who is already familiar with the market environment take his game up to the next level. The dedicated account manager feature is one feature that makes the gold account on this platform a superb one. The dedicated account manager guides the investor to incredible profit margins through in-depth market analysis, which he makes available for the use of the investor.

Education becomes a necessity as you step up the ladder of assets trade investments, and the ETFinance platform has provided this for its gold account holders through webinars and videos. These educational resources will help the account holder achieve tremendously incredible profits in his/her trade executions.

The Platinum Trading Account: The platinum trading account is the peak of the accounts available on the ETFinance platform. The platinum trading account is the expert trader’s account on the ETFinance platform.

The features of this trading account are:

  • 03 minimum spreads
  • 1:30 maximum leverage (for retail accounts)
  • 1:400/1:500 maximum leverage (for professional accounts)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Webinars & videos
  • Swap discount (50%)
  • News alerts
  • Free VPS

The Platinum trading account on the ETFinance platform is just the place you need to be if you are highly experienced in the art of assets trading, and you have very high capital. You can be sure the ETFinance platform will pay a tremendous level of attention to you, and you will get the full worth of your investments.

The Islamic Account: For each level of the trading accounts on the ETFinance platform, there is also the option of an Islamic account for traders. The Islamic account is to cater to the investment needs of the Islamic faithful.

Experienced or not, large or little capital, it doesn’t matter as the ETFinance platform has something that can attend to your investment goals.


The ETFinance platform supports all the following kinds of trade markets:

  • Assets index trade,
  • Forex trade,
  • Metals trading,
  • Indices trading,
  • Stock trading,
  • Commodity trading,
  • CFD trading,
  • Cryptocurrency trading,
  • ETFs trading,
  • Future CFDs calendar.

With these numerous assets, the opportunities embedded within the ETFinance platform are just limitless. Investors have made fortunes trading in a single asset class throughout their trading careers. You can then begin to imagine the possibilities on an investment brokerage platform with all these assets.

As an investor on the ETFinance platform, the profit opportunities are endless, you could decide to focus your trades around one asset class, or you could choose to work around a unique mix of assets, whatever your choice, the ETFinance platform has all you need.


This amazing brokerage platform has gained international recognition and has some awards to showcase for these recognitions. The following are the awards which the ETFinance platform has acquired over time:

  • Global Banking and Finance Awards: Best new CFD broker of Europe, 2019,
  • Fastest growing CFD broker of Europe, 2019,
  • The European Global Banking and Finance Awards: Best CFD broker of Europe, 2020,
  • Global Banking and Finance Review: Best new CFD broker of Europe, 2019,
  • ADVFN International Financial Awards: Best customer service, 2020,
  • World Finance: Best Forex CFD provider, 2020,
  • es: Best Forex broker, 2020,

These are awards gained as a result of the recognition of its customer-centered brokerage service. With a broker that has these many awards, you can be sure you are on the right path to trading success.


The ETFinance trading platform is available both on a web-based platform, as well as a mobile application.

The MetaTrader 4: This brokerage firm offers the most popular trading platform, the Meta Trader 4. ETFinance provides the best trading platform to ensure that its clients also enjoy a pleasant trading experience in the market. Therefore, the broker offers an interactive, user-friendly, and easy to use trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 is a suitable trading platform among beginners and experienced traders with a wide range of interactive trading tools and features. The MT4 is available on the web and the downloadable mobile app. The mt4 provides traders with full access to the broker’s trading assets and trading tools.

It has the following features:

  • It is easy to use and implement trading strategies.
  • It has analytical and technical indicators that can be used to make informed decisions for a successful trade. It also provides trading signals which you can use to copy the trading deals of other expert traders.
  • The mt4 has a mobile trading option which is available on both iOS and Android enabled smartphone or tablets. With this, you can trade anywhere and at any time.
  • The mt4 ensures the security and protection of your account with enhanced cybersecurity and data encryptions between users and the server.

The Web Trader: In addition to the Mt4, ETFinance equally provides another trading platform called the web trader. The web trader or web-based trading platform offers traders with full access to the global trading arenas through any internet-enabled web browser. With the web-trader, you enjoy a user-friendly trading environment with vital tools and information in the market.

The web trader has the following unique features:

  • The web trader provides helpful analysis to help you make successful decisions.
  • The web trader offers easy navigation and orientation of assets, charts, and graphs.
  • It is accessible and available at any time of the day from Monday to Friday.
  • It has a provision for a demo account that will help you get acquainted with market trends and trading techniques.

The mobile trading App: With the mobile trading app of this broker, you can trade from any location and at any time of your choice and never miss any trading opportunity. The ETFinance mobile trading app brings all the global markets to the palm of your hands through the easy-t-use trading platform. The mobile app is designed for convenience and quick action. The app keeps you up to date with the latest market trends, reports, updates, and analysis of the market on your mobile device. You can download the mobile trading app for use on any mobile device, as it is compatible with all major operating systems like Android and iOS.


ETFinance designed its platform to offer the best customer service to its clients. The broker has a user-friendly trading platform, as well as superb customer care agents that are easy to reach any time of the day.

You can -contact the customer service agent of the ETFinance platform through the following means:

  • Phone (Monday – Friday: 7 to 17 GMT)
  • Email
  • Live chat support on its website
  • A Contact Us form available on its website


The ETFinance platform supports the following languages:

  • English Language
  • Spanish Language
  • German Language
  • Dutch Language
  • Portuguese Language
  • Italian Language
  • Svenska Language


Trading in the financial assets market requires an investor to employ the agency of a skilled investment broker. ETFinance has all an investor needs to become successful in the art of trading.


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