European handicap betting tips for football at V9BET

European Handicap is one of the most popular and well-known types of bets in the football betting market. With the desire to help newcomers to bet can play European bets effectively, the following article of V9BET bookmaker will introduce you to the most accurate European Handicap betting tips.

European Handicap betting tips from V9BET Live

From understanding the symbols and ways of making the house’s bets in the European odds table, professional players have drawn up very effective European betting experiences.

Those experiences will be revealed by us at V9BET shortly.

Have your own way of playing

Professional gamblers will often have a few specific strategies and play styles available to themselves. You should also learn this habit. You should prepare yourself with a few suitable betting methods, not emotional bets. Because playing by emotions is very easy to make yourself lose bets.

Beware of temptation

According to the analysis, the teams with a higher probability of losing, also known as the bottom team, are placed at very high odds by the bookie. And this is how the bookie makes a profit.

New players with little experience and lack of information about the teams, placing high odds for the bottom team and high draw will make them attracted. Because the normal mentality of a newbie will think that the probability of the bottom team losing will be higher.

However, quite the contrary, it is quite unlikely, and many new players have been lured and lost a lot of money.

Read the information carefully, check the odds and bet 3 to 5 days in advance

Don’t just focus on betting on the match with your favorite team, but prioritize the match with the two teams that you know the most about. Besides, please take the time to check the odds before the match starts time from 3 to 5 days.

You need to find out information about the judgments around the match, European betting, and when it is reasonable to place a bet. Because the closer to the time the match takes place, the odds will change constantly and it is very difficult for you to judge, the odds also become more difficult.

Bet Over 0.5 FT (Alternative Match Goals)

With this method, you only apply the running style, which means closing the bet while the match is happening. When it comes to the 10th minute of the match, you start betting on 0.5 and then increase it gradually.

You can refer to the running forums for more information and the more you stick to the master, the more likely your winning will be.

Alternative Match Goals, UFT 2nd half betting method

This method has a win rate of up to 99%. Specifically, at the end of the first half, you should choose matches where the HDC bet is still 1/4 and bet on the second half, if the second half has 4 goals, you will lose, which is unlikely.

For example: in the first half the score is 1-0, you should choose to hit U 4.5 (it takes 4 goals in the second half to lose)

This bet will not apply if there are too many yellow cards in the first half of the match. Because the probability of getting a red card will be very high.

Full-Time European Betting Method

When betting on European Handicap Full Time, you should apply the following rules:

  • The handicap team must be the home team.
  • Next, choose a match where the handicapped team has a base of 1.2,1.3,1.5. Try to stay away from matches with too many players involved.
  • You then subtract the handicap base from the handicap where a result greater than 4.00 to 5.00 is in line with the criteria. The larger the difference, the higher the level of safety.

Some other factors to consider betting on V9BET

In addition to the methods above, you should consider other factors. So before making a betting decision, you need to carefully analyze the following factors:

  • Performance in the last matches of both teams.
  • Is the health status of the key players good? Is there a player in either team suspended or injured?
  • Is the mentality of the coaches good when playing? Do they have any conflicts with team members?
  • Whose competitive advantage is the team leaning towards which team?


Above are all the European betting experiences that you should not ignore. Hope the experience from the experts of V9BET bookmaker from will be useful to you. Join the bet, apply the above experience and bring home many great bonuses. Good luck.