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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Dating App

In May of 2018, Mark Zuckerberg said that he was sorry to see how many users indicate that they are single in their profiles. The head of Facebook has promised to come up with a service that will help people find their soulmates and build a long-lasting relationship. This is how Facebook Dating came to be. It was designed with all the security and privacy requirements in mind, of course. Thus, your Facebook Dating profile is separate from your Facebook account. While the service isn’t ready yet, there are lots of features that we already know of.

The service is being tested in Colombia

As we said, Facebook Dating became a thing in May; it is available in Colombia as of now. Seems like a weird choice of a country at first, but according to the managers of the social network, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, Facebook is popular there (about 30 million users are registered in Columbia); secondly, online dating is quite developed there. And thirdly, Colombia has the right combination of the urban and rural population – and this is important for such a process. Judging by the first reviews, the service will be interesting to those who are looking for long-term relationships and not one-time meetings. In general, this isn’t anything new to the Puritan approach of Facebook which, as you know, is always against levity, provocation, and sex.

Colleagues, family, and lovers – all in one application

Facebook, entering the territory of dating services, has an advantage: its applications will have a huge user base right from the start, and, as Zuckerberg said, about 200 million of them are single. To access the new dating service, you won’t have to download and install anything. When the time comes, the Facebook application will offer you to try the Facebook Dating service, and when you agree, the corresponding service will appear in the menu. To begin with, users will have the opportunity to fill out and edit their profiles for dating; they will be separate from your Facebook profile, at least in most aspects. Thus, we can conclude that the registration process is fairly decent in all regards.

User’s profile

To begin, you must confirm your location by turning on geolocation and filling out your profile. It should be understood that the dating profile is not a part of Facebook per se. This is a separate environment where you can show your true self without being worried about things. Optionally, you can enter some information about yourself, your sexual orientation, your education, work, religion, physical description, and whether you have a child or not. You can choose non-binary genders as well. In Facebook Dating, you can upload up to 12 photos (these can be uploaded from your Facebook, Instagram page, or directly from a device) and answer some personal questions (there will not be more than 20 of them). And that is pretty much it! The only thing left is for the algorithm to provide you with a list of people to check out.

Privacy and search settings

Many who do not dare to create a profile on a dating site are afraid that suddenly, some of their friends and relatives will find out about it. When it comes to looking for a partner on a social network, it’s even scarier. Suddenly, after registering, everyone will immediately receive a notification that “this person now uses Facebook Dating.” But this is not the case when it comes to Facebook Dating. During the process of creating an account, you can select whether you want your friends and friends of friends to see you in the service or not. In turn, you can see the profiles of only those friends who also did not mind showing it to everyone. When you have dealt with privacy, you can filter candidates by distance (the maximum search radius is 100 km away from your location), the presence of children, religion, height, and age. When all the parameters are taken into account, Facebook’s algorithm will apply these settings to your search.

There are no swipes

When it comes to the process of choosing a partner, the service is arranged in the same way as other applications; it looks a lot like Hinge in this regard. On the main page, there is a large photo of a selected person, his/her name, age, and the number of mutual friends. If you click on the photo, you can see other pictures and all the information that the user decided to enter.

If you find a person to be uninteresting, then press “Not interested.” If you like a person, then you should click on the photo and write him/her a message. But this user will be able to read it only if there was mutual interest. You can “like” up to 100 profiles a day (you won’t be able to mindlessly swipe around, like in Tinder).

Your potential partners are picked according to the specific algorithm

Selection of a suitable partner will be more accurate if you open access to your interests, groups, events, and other parameters to the service. Facebook remembers a lot of things about you. It knows what coffee house you prefer, what movies have you seen, what music concerts have you attended, what parties you went to, where you worked, and where you went to on your vacation. All of this data will be helpful to Facebook Dating. But, of course, you are not insured against anything. Perhaps the list of potential partners will include your ex, and you never wanted to see that person again. However, those people that you’ve banned on Facebook won’t show up to you in Facebook Dating.

You can search for people by interests

If you scroll down from the “Dating” page, you will see the “Events” and “Groups” sections. All future events from Facebook that you plan to go to will be included in them. In these tabs, you will see lists of people who are also going to attend this techno party or a movie screening and who are also looking for a partner. For this option to work, you need to provide access to your events and groups.

No vulgar photos

The Facebook Dating Messenger feature is limited compared to other dating apps. Messages come not via Facebook Messenger but through a special Facebook Dating chat, and all texts are analyzed by the neural network so that everyone is polite and decent. You can only send text and emoji – photos are forbidden so as not to provoke sexting with the use of nude pictures. You cannot send links to other sites and social networks. All this is done, as Facebook says, in order to develop “serious relationships.”

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