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Everything You Need to Know About Special Slot Features in Online Casinos

Slots in online casinos have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment among gamblers all over the world. With a little luck, a player can grow his balance a lot after making just a few spins. Moreover, nowadays, there are slot machines with progressive jackpots where the winnings run into the millions.

You don’t necessarily have to risk real money to have fun with casino games, as you can find many demos on the internet. When a person is playing free games, virtual play money is used as a stake. On most sites, you don’t even have to register to play a demo.

While playing a game for free, you can learn what features it has and what benefits you can get from it. And when you feel you are ready to play for real money, you need to register in one of the licensed online casinos.

Now, let’s discuss the features you can enjoy when playing casino slots in more detail.

Popular Bonus Features in Online Slots

In earlier times, slot machines had very few functions. There were 3 reels with about 10 symbols, and as soon as a certain combination was shown, you won money.

Nowadays, slots have many extras, which makes the games more exciting. Symbols today are not just simple images but bonus features. There are some slot machines with more or less unique special features. However, most slots have a similar system.

Free Spins – The magic word that brings a big smile to many players’ faces is “free spins”. The so-called free spins are probably the most popular bonus feature in most slot machines.

This feature allows you to spin the reels of the slot without making bets. It can be received during the game itself or received as a bonus gift from the casino. As a new user, you can receive a generous welcome gift.

For instance, it can be a 500 percent casino bonus. However, in most casinos, you will be offered a welcome package consisting of a deposit match and some free spins. The number of free spins is always different; you can receive from 5 to 50 or even more free spins at once.

Wild Symbols – In order to win in slots, you need to get a certain number of identical symbols on an active payline. Usually, there are a lot of different symbols in slots, and identical icons don’t appear as often as you wish. Therefore, Wild symbols can come in handy, as they can replace symbols other than the bonus ones, making it easier to catch a winning combination.

The Wild symbol is a slot icon that, in most games, is represented by the image of the joker. Very often, combinations consisting solely of Wild symbols can yield particularly high winnings.

Scatter Symbols – Scatters trigger additional features such as free spins or bonus games. You will usually need to catch 3 or more Scatters in order to trigger these features, but the exact number varies from game to game.

In addition, Scatters are usually independent of the active lines. While other icons only pay out winnings on a payline, Scatter will delight you regardless of being on a payline or not.

Win Multipliers – The so-called multipliers ensure that your win is multiplied. They are usually linked to another symbol, such as the Wild symbol, or work for the duration of a special feature. Each slot machine offers different details regarding the way these symbols work, so it’s important to understand their type depending on the game you’re playing.

Progressive Jackpot – Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots change with each spin a player makes. Typically, a portion of each bet goes into the jackpot fund, which continues to grow until someone is the lucky winner. After that, the jackpot size is reset and starts to grow again.

One of the most popular casino games with a progressive jackpot is Mega Moolah, developed by Microgaming.

There are two main types of progressive jackpots. The first is tied to a specific machine and is most often won offline. The second is tied to a group of slots, and with each wager on any of those games, the size of the progressive jackpot increases.

Bonus Rounds – Many slot machines have additional bonus rounds. These are special features that can be triggered when you land several specific symbols, such as Scatters or, they can randomly trigger on any spin as an extra bonus in some slot games.

A player has a chance to get the biggest winnings in the game during the bonus round.

Unique Features in Casino Slots

Speaking of the unique features, many casino slots offer something special. For example, let’s take a look at the slot White Rabbit by Big Time. In this game, you can get a so-called Feature Drop. To activate it, you will need to pay 100 times your bet.

While spinning the reels of the slot, you can get ”Feature Drop” symbols on one or more of the reels. If you get one or more of those symbols, the price of the ”Feature Drop” for you will be reduced. You can receive a discount between 0.2 and 2 times your bet.

Another example would be the slot Story Of Vikings made by Spinomenal. The game offers the synced reels feature. Synced reels mean that two or more adjacent reels feature the exact same symbols. These identical reels increase your chances of winning prizes.

In the last few years, online casinos have seen a new wave of innovation. Adding cool features to casino games is one of the things that changed the gambling world significantly.

Scatters, Wilds, and Bonus rounds make spinning the reels exciting as never before. Meanwhile, modern game developers keep creating new features that will provide you with an even better gambling experience.