Everything you need to know about surfing wetsuits

In the beginning, a few words about what kind of invention it is. The so-called wetsuit is a suit made of neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, which not only insulates heat well but is also very stretchy and durable, making it ideal for various sports.

Because both surfing and steamer wetsuits are not only used by surfers but also by swimmers, divers and sailors as well.

Hence the various models, thicknesses, and other parameters by which they may differ. Therefore, it is worth learning more about it before you buy your first wetsuit.

Following are seven points that will make this task easier for you.

Model of the wetsuit

Application – what water sports do you practice?

It might seem that foam is just foam and can be used for everything. Yes, nobody forbids anyone to do so, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that often surfing wetsuits are dedicated to specific sports that differ significantly from each other.

Therefore, it is not worth reinventing the wheel, since specialists have been working (and still working) for years to create the best solutions. You need a surfing wetsuit, just buy a wetsuit!

Thickness matters

Unfortunately, there is no universal foam for every season and latitude. In addition to the length of the sleeves and legs, the thickness of the neoprene layer is also important. The thicker the surfing wetsuit or steamer wetsuit is, the warmer it will be in it.

Thicker surfing wetsuits with a back fastening are good if they have such a layer that separates the place where the zipper is from our back. It will be warmer then. For thinner foams (e.g. 3/2 is not needed).

Size matters!

The foam inside the steamer wetsuit is supposed to be your second skin, so it is very important to choose the right size!

Never buy a steamer wetsuit foam without trimming!

Your steamer wetsuit has to fit really well. If you wear Small or Medium size clothes, then the S size is most likely the right one for you. Too much foam will not fulfill its function and you will feel cold in it because you pour a lot of water inside!

Of course, you have to be comfortable wearing it, but if you wear rather loose clothes daily, it will feel a bit strange at first.

Color – does it matter?

It’s a matter of taste. Classic surfing wetsuits are black, but we currently have a very wide selection of surfing wetsuits and steamer wetsuits in a variety of colors.

Could it have any meaning beyond aesthetics?

It turns out that it is. It is difficult to spot a surfer in a dark surfing wetsuit in the water. In case of a dangerous situation and a rescue operation, the bright outfit is definitely a plus.

But you don’t have to buy bulbous foam right away, you can always put colorful Lycra on top of your surfing or steamer wetsuit.

Quality and price

It is worth buying a good quality steamer wetsuit, especially if:

  • If you are going to swim in cold waters then you will need really good insulation inside your steamer wetsuit.
  • If, on the other hand, you need a short, thin foam that you will use several days a year, you don’t have to worry about it so much.

However, it is important that we feel comfortable in it.

Does a good Surfing wetsuit need to be expensive then?

Not necessarily, although the cheapest of the cheapest surfing wetsuits are probably not good. It is best to look for a promotion and buy, for example, last season’s surfing wetsuits, which differ from this year’s mainly in terms of colors and will be much discounted.

Used foams

Honestly, we do not recommend buying used steamer wetsuits. It is a thing that comes into very strong contact with our body.

Many people don’t wear anything underneath. You also never know if someone has pissed into this foam. But you can know for sure that he has been sweating profusely in it more than once, with his whole body.

Buying a used steamer wetsuit is a bit like buying used panties. You will also not get a warranty for a used steamer wetsuit, and you do not know if your predecessor cared for it properly.


In conclusion, the surfing wetsuit for children, women, and men must above all enjoy a high fit.

We advise you to always be calm and never buy a surf wetsuit in a hustle but to go to specialized shops and online stores to try different wetsuits and feel which one is the most suitable to fulfill your needs.

Pay close attention to the rubbing points and freedom of movement, which must be fluid and natural.