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Everything you should know about the bounce house

With the help of a bounce house, you can take your kid’s birthday party to a completely new level. There are a lot of parents who accept the fact that buying an indoor bounce house is a long term investment. Indoor bounce houses are not only used for parties but it can also be used for weekend playdates.

Earlier people faced difficulties in installing and setting up a jump house. The process is simple, you just need to take it out of the bag, unroll it, connect it with the blower, and turn it on. After this process, you can freely sit on a relaxing chair in your backyard and enjoy watching your kid’s eyes gleam with happiness.

Inflatables are gaining huge popularity at kids’ parties, because of the fact that they are more secure and enjoyable than their alternative: trampolines. Indoor bounce houses also offer kids their own space where there is no need for any supervision of adults. (despite the fact that a few jump house are so massive you can also enter and play in it)

You can purchase or hire a jumping castle as per your personal preferences. However, we always recommend buying a bouncy house is beneficial. If you are buying one then you can consider that you are paying for a few numbers of uses and once you feel you don’t need it anymore you can sell it.

Types Of Bouncy Houses

If you are thinking of buying a fun bounce house for your kids then you must be aware of all the types of inflatables that are available in the market. Mainly there are of 3 types –

  • Indoor Bounce Houses

Indoor bounce houses are smaller and shorter as compared to the other options that are available in the marketplace. They are designed in this way so that it will be easier for people to place them in their garage or in any room easily as it takes up less space.

If you have children of a younger age group then this jumping castle is best for you. Usually jumps measured here range from 63 square feet to 100 square feet. So, in case you are looking for a small jumping house that you can install in your basement or in your kid’s room, that is the right choice for you.

In any case, if you are thinking of taking this jumping castle outside then you need to be very cautious at some points. Indoor inflatables are generally made of lighter substances in comparison to different bouncers. Before it’s set up you need to use a thick tarp and make sure to secure it with ground stakes. You need to keep some precautions in your mind like one that you can not use it bad weather or at the time of raining else, it will get damaged. As I told you, they are lightly weighted so strong winds can throw it off, even if your kid is inside. Therefore it is crucial for you to take safety measures for it.

At the place where there is no bounce, nylon material is used for its manufacturing while for the area which consists of bounce, high-quality material that 18 ounce PVC is used. Though the material is of good quality still it can easily get hurt if it comes in contact with sharp branches or rocks. For this reason, it is recommended not to set up indoor bounce houses at the outdoor location.

Also, there are some inflatables that come without bouncers. Once they are inflated they are required to be capped. There are chances that with time they might lose some pressure which can make them less stiff for jumping around it.

  • Standard Bounce Houses

If talking about the looks then these are similar to indoor bounce houses. But when there is a discussion on material then these standard jumping castles are made up of thick material. They have greater reinforcements alongside the seams and close to the entrance. Also, there is a blower that keeps the proper supply of air and pressure to make the cushion stable and bouncy.

On comparing this inflatable with that of an indoor bounce house they are a bit heavier and are larger in size because strong materials are used for its manufacturing which is heavier in weight. You can plan it for your house also. As there is additional weight still you need to use a thick tarp before its installation so that any kind of puncture can be avoided.

This bounce house comes with a specialty that handles a lot of children at one time which is not possible in an indoor bounce house. Well, it is also said that the material used in this can handle more weight than what is recommended by the manufacturer but to keep safety in mind a limit is being set. Also, you need to make sure that children are not bouncing close to each other as this could cause collisions and bumps.

  • Commercial Bounce Houses

As with the name itself it is clear that this bounce house is designed for commercial purposes. By commercial purpose, we mean that these bounce houses are frequently used and also could resist greater abuse in comparison to their customer counterparts. If you are in a work of event planning then it is recommended to use commercial bouncers where you can easily manage and entertain a huge number of kids which is often considered as the main and most difficult part for a successful event.

Several layers of material used to manufacture commercial bounce houses so that their durability and flexibility can be made available for long use. Depending on the size of it, there are chances that you might need multiple blowers to make adequate pressure available at every nook and cranny.

Along with the above 3 types, there are inflatables that are used in water parks. Water-resistant material is used for manufacturing those bounce houses.

In short, buying a bounce house will always prove beneficial for you. Not only are they secure but they can also engage your kids in some or different kinds of activities. I hope this article helped you.