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Ex-Minister David Mellor’s appearance while discussing Boris leaves Twitter unimpressed

‘Secretary of State for Vidal Sassoon’: Ex-Minister David Mellor’s distinctive appearance while discussing Boris Johnson’s appointment leaves Twitter unimpressed

  • Former Tory Minister has been compared to David Bowie and Austin Powers
  • He sported long curtained blonde locks with a collarless ‘grandad’ white shirt
  • Mr Mellor was criticising Boris Johnson’s cabinet over a din of xylophone music
  • But viewers were more distracted by his look that anything else in the broadcast 

Former Minister David Mellor has been compared to a 1980s pop icon after he appeared with flowing hair and a collarless shirt on Sky News.

The 70-year-old was likening the new Prime Minister to Pol Pot during the interview as a xylophone blared over a loudspeaker.

Viewers took to social media to poke fun at the former Tory cabinet member, some said he looked like David Bowie, while others suggested he should be an ambassador for Vidal Sassoon salons.

Adding to the strangeness, protesters were flying EU flags behind Mellor while the national anthem of the USSR played on a xylophone. 

Former Tory Minister David Mellor wore a white collarless shirt with unusually long hair as he was interviewed this evening on College Green outside Parliament

Many viewers likened Mr Mellor to famous stars, including David Bowie, Andy Warhol and David Mitchell

Many viewers likened Mr Mellor to famous stars, including David Bowie, Andy Warhol and David Mitchell

One Twitter user simply remarked that ‘David Mellor is a mood,’ a modern expression meaning that something or someone has embodied one’s entire mood.

Mr Mellor’s ‘mood’ incorporated a trendy white ‘grandad’ collarless shirt with a luxurious mop of blonde hair falling over square-rimmed glasses.

As well as comparisons to pop greats, others said he looked like Andy Warhol, Bernie Ecclestone and Austin Powers. 

Mr Mellor – who served under Sir John Major from 1990 to 1997 – was ripping the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his cabinet appointments tonight.

Mr Mellor told Sky: ‘This is the sort of reshuffle that Pol Pot might have engaged in.’

The Prime Minister stamped his authority on government tonight as he shipped in a host of Brexiteer ministers – after carrying out a brutal cull of Theresa May loyalists.

In two hours of extraordinary political upheaval, Mr Johnson moved to create a new Eurosceptic team in the ashes of Mrs May’s failed premiership.

Hardliner Dominic Raab was made his effective deputy and Foreign Secretary, with Priti Patel becoming Home Secretary as Sajid Javid was promoted to Chancellor.

Michael Gove was also handed an influential job as Cabinet Office minister despite his turbulent history with Mr Johnson – and is expected to focus on contingency plans for Brexit.


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