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Exclusive Airport Shopping Experience at Changi Airport

Airports are one of the most exciting places that make the entire travelling experience memorable. This is the point when you start interacting with a country. You will get to see different amazing people of different races, cultures, and countries and experience a new feeling that can only be experienced only when you are miles away from your home.

However, other airports can turn out to be mundane places; a simple waiting place with only a small shop limited to selling snacks, magazines, or a bottle of water. Choosing to travel to airports with a wider variety of shopping items for a perfect souvenir to carry home while passing would be the best idea. Changi Airport in Singapore would be the best place to kick it off.

What can you get at Changi Airport?

The availability of diversified Changi Airport shops makes shopping at this lucrative airport worthwhile with the availability of different commodities. Below are some items available at the airport shops

Crocodile Oil: This might sound shocking but yes! You can purchase crocodile oil at these Airports shops. Harvested from the fatty tissues of a crocodile, this product is enriched with amino acids, taurine, collagen proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, and minerals to ensure that the cabin air doesn’t dry out your skin.

Additionally, this product comes loaded with a plethora of other skin advantages like; reduction in acne and smooth skin.

Sweet Potatoes: At the airport, is a Don Don Donki shop that sells the coveted root vegetable. Opened 24 hours a day, the shop provides amazing sweet potatoes in different flavours to suit your needs.

Oyster Extract: If you happen to experience fatigue after your travels, then you should use oyster extract. This amazing product will assist your body to naturally recover from fatigue. You will easily get this product from the airport, where it’s packaged as pills.

This product is made from oyster meat that has been dried and ground. It is a supplement that you can not afford to miss at Changi airport.

You will be surprised to learn that this product will not only help you from fatigue, but will also keep your liver healthier, and encourage better blood circulation.

Robot: Owning a robot is among most people’s childhood dreams. At Changi Airport shops, this dream can be turned into reality with the availability of robots. Mostly for gaming purposes, a robot would make the best toddler gift.

Fresh Freeze-Dried Durians: Durians are a rare fruit that is adored by many. If properly packed, carrying durians on board a plane is not prohibited. Shops at the Changi Airport provide travel-friendly packets of freeze-dried fruit.

Additionally, they also provide other durian products like the Durian omelette crisps, durian candy, and the famous Musang King Durian Coffee.

What makes shopping at Changi Airport worthwhile?

Availability of Variety – The presence of many diverse shops at the Airport makes shopping for different items possible. This makes it easier for you to fish for a perfect souvenir.

Cheaper goods – Thanks to GST savings, goods at Changi Airport shops are 7 per cent cheaper. This makes shopping at Changi Airport a place to do more savings while shopping.

Mark your travel – Shopping for newer items makes the travelling experience a new one. This makes your travel memorable.