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Exclusive Exness Bonus Review on TradeFX

Exness is one of the leading brokerage firms founded in 2008 by seasoned financiers and information technologists. This company worked hard to provide its traders from all across the globe with a stable and regulated trading platform.

Exness operates through its two offices in Seychelles. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Both of these agencies are regarded as credible financial regulators.

Apart from fantastic regulation and fast trade execution services offered by Exness, another factor entices traders from all around the world to choose Exness as their primary brokerage firm. This factor is the Exness bonus granted to all new traders who sign up with the company!

Welcome Bonus

TradeFX has covered every last detail regarding the Exness bonus promotion. According to their review, Exness is an immensely customer-oriented company. This is why it is offering a generous bonus promotion to all new traders who are seeking a transparent and reliable broker.

This promotional bonus consists of a registration bonus along with an additional 10% welcome or greeting bonus. This is a fantastic gesture for all new members that sign up with Exness. Exness has around 60,000 active members, and it is no wonder it has gathered such a massive client base due to its generosity, customer support, and user-friendly trading platform.

Exness provides online traders worldwide to create their personal trading accounts. After registration and verification, all new clients are provided with a greeting bonus. It must be noted that the amount of this bonus depends upon the total amount of the trader’s initial deposit.

Net Deposit

Since welcome bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the net deposit, it is essential for all traders to know what net deposit basically is. It is the difference between the total amount deposited by a trader into their account and the total amount they withdraw from the same account.

Minimum Deposit

All the new traders must pay the minimum deposit fee in order to access their trading accounts and begin their trading journey. The greeting bonus depends upon the minimum deposit fee each trader pays. Since Exness offers two types of accounts, namely the Standard accounts (for beginners) and Professional accounts, the minimum deposit depends upon the trader’s choice of account.

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The minimum deposit for a classic account is a mere $10, whereas it is $200 for premium accounts because of the additional benefits and features. Now, it must be understood by all traders that their welcome bonus will be granted only after they make their initial deposit for the type of account they choose.

Procedure to apply for Exness 10% net deposit bonus

The procedure to apply for the welcome bonus is very simple. All new members need to follow the few steps listed below:

  1. The trader needs to register for a standard or premium account.
  2. Then, they need to provide certain documents to prove their identity and their residency.
  3. After verification, the trader will be able to access their trading account.
  4. To begin trading and exploring various investment opportunities, the trader needs to deposit the minimum amount first.
  5. Afterward, they can request Exness for their greeting bonus.

The company grants the trader their bonus by calculating 10% of their net deposit. Traders are not allowed to withdraw their bonus amount.

Exness Referral Bonus

Exness does not offer any referral bonus to their new and existing clients. In addition, any service provided by Exness does not include a referral bonus. Oftentimes, brokers use the referral bonus promotion to encourage more traders to sign-up with them. This is an effective strategy to expand one’s client base.

One of the disadvantages of such referral bonus offers is that a trader is required to go through a lot of trouble before they are granted the bonus. This is because the broker sets many rules and requirements that the trader has to fulfill to enjoy the reward. Moreover, only clients with real trading accounts are eligible for referral bonuses.

Referral bonuses come with a time limit. These bonuses usually help out traders in their time of need when they are facing slow progress in their trading activities.

Earning rewards

Traders can earn several valuable rewards and prizes through referral bonuses. For this purpose, they are required to refer their friends, family, or even colleagues to their broker. If the people the trader refers to the broker sign-up with him and begin their trading activities, the trader is awarded generously!

Exclusive Broker Bonus

Traders with premium accounts who trade in massive volume on Exness can utilize the exclusive broker bonus. Such special bonuses consist of rewards that improve the overall trading experience for the trader. This bonus program includes awards, such as instant customer support, access to an account manager, professional trade analysis, C-suite executives, and various networking opportunities.

Conclusively, traders can significantly benefit from such welcome or special bonuses and improve their trading experience with Exness.