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Expired Domains – How to Find and Buy Premium Expired Domain Names

The burgeoning market for expired domain names is great for marketers and investors but is often a hindrance for website administrators. After all, when you work directly with a registrar, your domain ownership costs are minimal. One way to find valuable domains at an extremely low price is to head to Getexpi. Here you can buy the recently released expired domain names at a great price.

What is an expired domain?

Although brokers, investors, and other parts of the domain industry often talk about buying and selling domains, this is not really the case. No one can really own a domain name; you simply rent the usage rights. ICAAN, the international body that regulates domains, is the owner and in charge of maintaining the registry of the names that currently exist. You trust registrars like GoDaddy and BlueHost to handle the operational part of your domain. Registrants are people like you who rent the rights to use a certain name.

All registrants, regardless of their status as webmaster, broker, etc., must pay a modest routine fee to maintain the domain. When someone defaults on this payment, they lose their rights to it and anyone can get it quickly. Although it is unlikely that you will get hold of a million-dollar domain, buying domains that have expired is still a worthwhile practice. Getting your hands on an expired domain is convenient, affordable, and can improve your SEO.

Advantages of targeting expired domains

Buying an expired domain is beneficial to virtually anyone interested in domain names. For the investor, it allows you to increase the size of your portfolio at little cost. If the domain name is suitable for a website you want to build, then building a website upon an expired domain is perfect. Even if the domain has nothing to do with your industry, older domains with backlinks can drive traffic and help you make your websites more successful.

You can use resources like Ahrefs to check important metrics like domain authority and page authority. You can then use one of the penalty checker websites available on the internet to make sure the domain is not banned by Google. If you see the possibility of getting an expired domain with more than 25 domain authority that is not banned, you should buy it first and decide what to do with it later. The reason is that when a domain has such high authority, it is sure to be useful or easy to resell.

Low prices and easy purchase process

By working directly with a registrar and not with the secondary market, the buying process is very different. While the secondary market treats domain names as financial assets, Registrars primarily charge maintenance and upkeep costs. Not only will the price they charge be much lower, but the purchasing process is much easier. For example, you will not have to negotiate the price.

Many domain registrars allow customers to purchase expired domains in the same way that they would purchase a regular domain. Others, like GoDaddy, run auctions for domains that have expired. In this case, the price will be considerably higher than the default cost of an unused domain. However, the savings potential is impressive. Even so, the higher cost may be justified, as a domain name with a history of use can be very valuable. This is because it has had time to accumulate authority and backlinks, which are key factors for a website to be successful.

Existing domain authority

When you start using a new domain to start your blog or website, you are starting from scratch. Building a website is not just a matter of hiring a good web designer and creating great content. Even when you have a great website, you may only get a trickle of traffic at first. Why? Due to the lack of existing traffic and backlinks that generate authority. This type of social, off-site SEO plays an important role in the ranking of websites by Google and other search engines.

More specifically, search engines use various metrics related to existing traffic. The volume of visitors is important, but Google also estimates the quality of those visits. If visitors spend more time on your website and see more pages before leaving, that’s better than looking at a single page for a moment and walking away. Backlinks increase traffic, but they also boost the authority that the search engine attributes to your website. Higher authority translates to better rankings and higher performance on search engine results pages.

This is important because Google doesn’t recognize when a domain changes ownership or hosts a different website. Authority, traffic, and other SEO benefits remain with the domain even if it changes hands. Instead of starting from scratch, you can take advantage of work someone else has already done. Hosting your website with a domain that already has a flow of traffic and good backlinks can be a real game-changer. However, this is not the only way to take advantage of authoritative domains.

Create a private blog network

You may not be able to use a new, high-authority domain name to host your website. The name might just be too different to be compatible with your brand. On the other hand, switching from one domain to another could cause more damage to your established traffic flow than it is worth. In this case, you can create a Private Blog Network (PBN) to take advantage of your expired high authority domains.

In the eyes of a search engine, not all backlinks are created equal. If a deserted website with no authority or regular traffic starts backlinks to your website, the risk is high. This is how Google, Bing and other search engines prevent people from creating fictitious websites that do nothing more than link to their real pages. However, you can get around this limitation by purchasing reputable expired domains.

Once you have domains with some authority among search engines, you can use them to create new websites. With a modest investment in content creation and design, you’ll have a website that will start to produce significant SEO-boosting backlinks that you can leverage. Also, you can repeat this process with any number of domains you buy. In this way, you can use brute force to ensure that your main website quickly becomes a high authority resource. Although this is not a substitute for quality content, it will allow a good website to go much further, faster.

Redirect traffic

The easiest and foolproof way to take advantage of existing backlinks is with a 301 redirect. In this case, you can have traffic to your new domain redirected automatically. This is especially beneficial if you’ve purchased a domain with high-performing backlinks, such as a link from the New York Times or the Washington Post. Basically, it guarantees a constant trickle of traffic to your website and requires very little effort on your part.

The downside, of course, is that the full potential of an old domain is not being exploited. While redirecting traffic is the easiest way to use an expired domain, it is also the one with the most modest gains.

How to buy expired domain names?

Expired domains are clearly a valuable asset for any SEO-minded webmaster, but that still leaves the question of how to buy one. There are many ways to find and buy expired domains.

Ordering domains in use

Backorder is a bit like panning for gold, in that you can place countless backorders and get nothing for your time and effort. However, it is just a matter of luck to end up collecting any number of high-value domains just when they expire.

Reordering is essentially the process of reserving a domain that is in use. If the current owner renews the lease for the domain, you will be out of luck for at least another year. However, when an expiring domain is reserved, it can be purchased immediately. It is not possible to build a business around backorder, as it is a matter of luck unless you have good reason to believe that a domain is going to expire. However, this is fine for the simple reason that back-ordering requires very little time and effort.

Expired domain auctions

Many registrars organize auctions when their domains expire. In this case, you will be able to bid on the domain for a specified period of time. For example, GoDaddy runs auctions that last seven days. This means that if you check their expired domain auctions once every six days, you will never miss the opportunity to land a great value domain name that is relevant to your industry. The same principle applies to any other website that conducts domain auctions as well. As long as you check periodically, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of any new expiration.

Expired domain markets

While some registrars use an auction-based approach to sell expired domains, others use a marketplace approach. In this case, you can filter out expired names on these websites. On marketplace websites,, you can manually browse the list or enter relevant keywords to see what’s available. Given the number of domains on the market, you have a good chance of finding an expired domain of fair value.

If you are having trouble finding the right domain or need help taking advantage of expirations, you might consider hiring a premium domain agent. Although their services include buying, selling, and evaluating, they usually have extensive experience in the field. That’s why a domain agent can help you find and buy expired domains. Premium Domain Brokers

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