Explore the Top Health Reasons to Use a Co-Sleeping Mattress

A co-sleeping mattress could be great for promoting health and emotional well-being. Americans love their sleep and they are constantly striving to seek an ideal sleeping situation. For many families today, the best way of sleeping at night is by sleeping on a co-sleeping bed. Co-sleeping has been defined as sleeping together with your loved ones in the same area. Obviously, a co-sleeping bed is supposed to be the perfect sleep haven where the family comes together.

A co-sleeping mattress is supposed to be large enough and may fit a number of persons. However, it is going to be cozy and comfortable enough to ensure that everyone is quite happy. You have the option of shoving two mattresses together as a DIY version but it is best to invest in a ready-to-buy co-sleeping mattress.

As per https://www.bellybelly.com.au, “While many Western countries see postnatal depression (PND) rates near 16%, some other countries see very few incidences of PND. In these cultures, babies’ needs are tended to day and night, yet there isn’t a higher rate of PND. How and why is this the case? One of the answers is that in many of these cultures, co-sleeping is the norm.” For many babies and their moms, co-sleeping is the most effective way of reducing sleep deprivation. If you go through sleep deprivation statistics, you would find that co-sleepers are the least sleep deprived.

Here are some health benefits of sleeping on a co-sleeping mattress.

Boosts Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

When the mom is sleeping with her baby, the infant naturally feels secure and an emotional bond develops between the mom and her little one. Kids with a strong and secure attachment would be responding appropriately to most situations and they would demonstrate less distress when their mom goes out for work and are quite happy to welcome their mom when she returns. The family that sleeps together actually sticks together despite hardships and upheavals. A closer bond automatically develops and there is a shared sense of proximity in general. A deeper feeling of trust and love is known to develop between siblings when they sleep on a co-sleeping bed at night every day. Co-sleeping obviously reduces sibling rivalry. These siblings would enjoy greater opportunity to develop a lasting and robust relationship.

Prevents SIDS and Fatal Accidents

Co-sleeping would boost chances that either the mom or the dad could intervene successfully for helping in preventing sudden death whether because of a physical accident or a physiological condition. As per some sleep researchers and experts, co-sleeping gives the parents an opportunity to spot the child in a crisis situation and accordingly respond at once without losing precious time. As protection from SIDS could be associated with the duration and frequency of breastfeeding and the fact that babies breastfeed more frequently while co-sleeping, this could safeguard the infant from SIDS. Moreover, the mother’s consistent breathing should remind the baby to keep on taking a breath after exhalation thus, preventing SIDS. Suppose the reminder system fails, thanks to the co-sleeping bed arrangement, the mom or the dad is close enough to respond to the situation and arouse the infant.

Reduces Chances of Obesity

As per several studies, co-sleeping could reduce obesity incidence in small children. Researchers have concluded that kids who co-slept with their parents were 70 percent less probable to be obese or overweight in comparison to those who slept on their own and alone. The precise reason is not known why this actually happens but researchers believe that when kids grow up feeling secure there is bound to be less emotional eating. So, they are not obese in later life.


Even if you are not having a large family, you may invest in a co-sleeping mattress in case you are looking for some extra space for relaxing in the evening. Co-sleeping gives your child a consistent reassurance of support and love and so she does not suffer from emotions like anger, abandonment, and fear night after night. Co-sleeping kids when they become adults would be coping with stresses much better.