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Exploring Honeygain – an Internet-Sharing App for Passive Income

While it’s definitely not hard to find passive income opportunities online, most of them require an investment of time or effort that might not always be reasonable when you consider the meager earnings.

An internet-sharing app called Honeygain is a breath of fresh air in this regard: it doesn’t promise you’ll earn millions of dollars either, but the earning process is effortless – which makes the whole deal a lot sweeter.

Honeygain allows millions of users worldwide to make money by sharing their extra bandwidth for a fixed fee. The offer is especially attractive to residents of countries and regions with fast and stable internet connections and relatively cheap unlimited data plans.

Since Honeygain supports all major operating systems, it can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Name of the app: Honeygain
OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS

The bandwidth shared by users collectively enables Honeygain to operate a crowdsourced web intelligence network. By renting access to this network to its business clients worldwide, Honeygain makes a profit and shares part of it with its users to compensate for their participation.

Understanding web intelligence

While the idea of renting out access to their internet connection might sound shady to some, it’s actually a very straightforward concept and a legit business need. The bigger the company or organization, the more data it needs to gather and process to be able to optimize its actions effectively.

Using a web intelligence network that spans dozens of countries and regions, companies can gather massive amounts of publicly available web data securely in seconds – and prevent triggering bot blockers or bumping into location-based restrictions at the same time. This allows for cost-effective ad campaign verification, copyright protection, pricing comparison, and even application testing (e.g., with localized content).

Earning effortlessly

There are two steps a user need to take to start sharing their internet bandwidth and earning passive income with Honeygain:

  • Download the application and install it on their device (installers for all operating systems can be found on the app’s official website)
  • Create an account on the website and use the credentials to sign into their app

One user can run the application and generate passive income on no more than 10 devices at once. The money is earned in the form of Honeygain credits which can be converted to either cash (1,000 credits = $1) or Bitcoin when you cash out. The threshold for requesting a payout is 20,000 credits ($20).

Default Network Sharing is active all the time while the application is running on your device and pays 1,000 credits for 10GB of shared traffic. There are also three ways to boost your earnings:

  • Content Delivery (CD) – an additional computer-exclusive feature that’s available in 40 countries (more to be added) and pays 6 credits per hour the device is in Active mode
  • Referral program – inviting others to join Honeygain via your personal referral link get you a daily bonus equal to 10% of all your referrals’ earnings
  • Contests and lotteries – the app includes a daily Lucky Pot lottery for active users, and social media contests are held on a regular basis

Most importantly, Honeygain does pay as it promises: during the two and a half years the app has been active, thousands of users have written positive reviews online (Honeygain’s score on Trustpilot is currently 4.3) and posted payment proofs on social media, various forums, and discussion boards.

All in all, Honeygain definitely seems like an app that’s worth checking out – unless, of course, you’re using a very limited data plan or a very slow (>1Mbps) internet connection. The majority of the world doesn’t use their bandwidth to the max, so why not make a quick buck out of it?

Best of all, you’re not doing anything actively: the app takes care of everything for you – and if you sign up now using the code PASSIVEINCOME, it will also give your balance a boost with a starting gift of $5!