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Explosion rips through a house in Northwood Christchurch leaving five people injured

Explosion rips through a home in Christchurch leaving five people injured and sending roof tiles raining down on neighbouring houses

A massive explosion has ripped through a house in Christchurch, leaving five people injured.

The force of the blast at 10.20am on Friday sent roof tiles raining down on neighbouring houses in the suburb of Northwood, and blew bricks off a home next door. 

Nearby homes were evacuated, and shocking footage shows how the house has been reduced to rubble, with the snapped timber beams of the home burning as roof tiles, guttering and insulation are scattered across the street.

Locals helped the occupants of the home get to safety before reaching for a nearby hose as they waited for emergency services to arrive. 

People thought to have been inside the home are seen shortly after they were evacuated being treated by paramedics, with blankets placed over them.  

Fenz area commander Dave Stackhouse told Stuff a gas explosion was to blame, and residents up to 20 kilometres away say they felt the blast.  

Power has been turned off in the area as emergency services work to contain the situation.  

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