Factors To Consider When Choosing an Attorney for Cases of Indecency with A Child

Child sexual assaults and pornography are two major cases of indecency with a child that have been growing throughout the years and have become a national concern. If you have this case on your beloved one on any child you’re advocating, you need an attorney with relevant background and experience. It’s very important to make sure the victims get their justice and rights through a fair trial so finding the best attorney is an inevitable task.

Consider these following factors when looking for the best attorney for child sexual assault or pornography cases:

Number of Cases Handled=Experience

Researching an attorney is inevitable and you can start with their experience. Ensure that the firm and the attorney have in-depth experience in cases of indecency with a child including child sexual assault and pornography. Check specifically about how many cases the attorney has handled through the firm’s official site or other related sites. Skip them if they don’t have any relevant experience.

Method of Filing The Case

Filing is undoubtedly a challenging step for cases of indecency with a child that require attorney’s expertise and discretion to properly handle. It could be very emotional for the victim child to playback horrible things they’ve experienced while the attorney making the inventory. An attorney should have legal expertise as well as a proven ability to provide a supportive approach through the process. You can ask the plan that demonstrates how he/she would actually file the case.

Relevant Practices

It’s great if you can find an attorney with relevant practices on particular campaigns or organizations. These may represent the personal values and experiences of the attorney on child sexual abuse and pornography issues. Such an attorney would be all-out to defend the victims.

Representing Records

It’s always great if you can go more specific when researching an attorney for child sex abuse cases. You can check how long the attorney has been representing victim children of sexual assault or pornography. For example, it’s perfect if you get a child pornography attorney for pornography cases in order to get more accurate advice and decisions.


Each state might have different experiences and understanding on child sexual abuse cases. It’s ideal if you can reach a sexual assault attorney Houston in Texas instead of an out-of-state attorney. They have more relevant knowledge, understanding, and experience on the actual state law including the state’s Child Victim Acts. These would help the victim with a more effective process and a better chance of trial.


If you can’t get a pro-bono attorney, then the fees would be a part of the consideration. Each firm or Houston child sexual assault attorney would charge differently for each case they handle. Even though they might ease or lower the rate for this kind of case, it’s better if you make clear this fee matter upfront in your first consultation session. Be open on what you can actually afford and get the confirmation of whether the attorney would take on the case until the end.

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