Fake Uber driver Kais Dahdal lured woman into his car and sexually assaulted them: Wollongong

Powerful moment a brave mother stares down the FAKE Uber driver who lured her into a car and sexually assaulted her

  • Kais Dahdal pleaded guilty to molesting to women in Wollongong in October 
  • The court heard he pretended to be an Uber driver to lure them into his car 
  • Dahdal, who was a surgeon in Syria, picked up two women on separate trips 
  • He touched their thighs and propositioned them for sex before they escaped 
  • One victim, Ashy, faced him in court on Monday – he will be sentenced next week

 Kais Dahdal (pictured) pleaded guilt to molesting two women last year after luring them into his wife’s car by pretending to be an Uber driver 

A mother has described how she lives in fear of men after being sexually assaulted by a fake Uber driver, as she bravely confronted her attacker in court. 

Kais Dahdal faced a hearing at Wollongong Local Court on Monday after pleading guilty to molesting two women on October 23, last year.

The court heard Dahdal, who was a surgeon in Syria before moving to Australia, took his wife’s car out in Wollongong that night seeking out women looking for a safe way to get home. 

Upon approaching his first victim, Dahdal said he was an Uber driver and offered to give her a lift.  

But instead of dropping her off, Dahdal told her ‘we are just going for a drive’ then squeezed her thigh and kissed her on the lips, A Current Affair reports.

‘Want to have some fun?’ Dahdal then asked the woman, according to court documents.

The terrified woman asked Dahdal what he meant by ‘fun’, to which he replied: ‘want to f***?’

The woman turned him down, paid him cash for the ride, then jumped out of the vehicle when it arrived in her street. 

Dahdal then drove to a Keira Street, the city’s restaurant strip, where his next victim, Ashy, was leaving a venue after spending the night drinking with friends.

After luring her into the vehicle under the guise he was a professional driver, Dahdal touched Ashy on the thigh and told her ‘you can pay me in sex’ before she leapt out of the vehicle and escaped. 

In court, Ashy gave a powerful victim impact statement detailing how that night ‘changed everything’ for her as ‘a woman, a mum, and in my work life’.

‘I thought I was tough, I’m a single mum. We can get through everything because we are strong for our children’s sake. But that night showed me that I am most definitely not,’ she said.

Brave mother Ashy (pictured) read her powerful victim impact statement as she faced her attacker in court

Brave mother Ashy (pictured) read her powerful victim impact statement as she faced her attacker in court

Ashy said she has since developed a fear of men and struggled to breathe upon seeing him when she first entered the court room.

‘I feel disgusting and I feel weak. I have anxiety that my doctor has tried to medicate me for since the incident,’ she said.

‘I have such a long way to go for recovery from this and I just hope that my boys never have to see their mummy so broken – never again.’

Dahdal’s lawyer Greg Stanton said his client was a ‘broken pariah’ who is aware his offences have destroyed lives including his own. 

Magistrate Claire Girotto said Dahdal’s personal remorse does not change the damage he caused to his victims. 

He will be sentenced in court next week.  

The court heard Dahdal was once a qualified surgeon in Syria but is now a 'broken pariah'

The court heard Dahdal was once a qualified surgeon in Syria but is now a ‘broken pariah’

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