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Famous Premium Potato Vodkas You Should Try!

Vodka is a neutral drink and doesn’t have any flavor, though it has some creaminess. Diverse ingredients manufacture Vodka, but the most used element is wheat.

The other ingredients include;

  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Barely
  • Cereal grains
  • Orange peels

Some high-end trademarks even use fruits and honey as the base. The average quantity of alcohol in Vodka is approximately 40%. Potato vodkas are known to be most popular in Eastern Europe.

The wheat vodkas are light bodyweight, but the vodkas prepared from potatoes are rigid and hefty. Consuming good quality Vodka always feels so good and satisfies you. Potato vodka is not a good selection until it is distilled appropriately.

Making quality and good potato vodkas is tough to produce. It needs proper machinery which refines the Vodka and eradicates all the impurities. These kinds of splendid quality potato vodkas are costly as well because of their procedures.

Do you want to know which are the best potato vodkas? Here we will guide you about the best vodka brands that you can try anywhere in the world.

Popular Woody Creek

Woody Creek originated from Colorado and is manufactured with local ingredients. This potato vodka is based on three elements;

  • Fresh Potatoes
  • Springwater
  • Yeast

The manufacturers distill it for one time, and it gives the natural Vodka having creamy, subtle, and earthy flavors. You can feel the taste of Vodka, as it is different from mainstream potato vodkas. Approximately 11 pounds of potatoes are utilized in the making of one Vodka.

And has 40% of ABV. You can get this Vodka in liquor retail shops or clubs in the USA. It surprises when consumed with lime on the rocks.

Woody Creek won the Best Vodka award in 2015 at the World’s Top San Francisco Spirits Competition. It prevailed among 203 competitors. So, it is known to be best of all.

Best of all in every way!

Budget-Friendly Monopolowa

This potato vodka originated from Austria and is particularly popular in the USA and Poland. It is best for people who are budget conscious but want to enjoy drinking to its fullest.

During manufacturing, it gets distilled about three times. As a result, it doesn’t come in the best sipping bottles, but you can make a fantastic cocktail with this one.

It consists of 40% ABV. It has a smooth taste but with a tricky sweetness, earthy, amusing, and entirely gluten-free, if that is a concern for anyone.

Promising for budget-conscious people!

Savouring Chase

Chase is one of the most popular potato vodkas in the world. There is a study from 2016 that this Vodka company used to sell around 10 thousand bottles weekly.

It originated from England and has a smooth texture. It has 40% ABV with a delicate, neat finish.

It won a competition in 2010 for Best Vodka in San Francisco in the World Spirits Competition. It is manufactured from special potatoes of England, Herefordshire.

It is remarkable for fruity cocktails and on the rocks.

Perfect for Vodka enthusiasts who relish sipping on to vodkas!

Popular USA’s Blue Ice

Blue Ice is known to be economical yet finest tasting Vodka originated from America and Idaho. It is manufactured with Russet potatoes and approximately with 9/12 potatoes for one whole bottle.

It has 40% ABV with an earthy and sweet taste. While listening to its name, it pops up in the mind if it’s blue! No, it is not! It is white but makes you go blue.

The smell it has is of potatoes and traditional flavor. Pure water is a necessity of Blue Ice Vodka because the company doesn’t use mixed waters, and it doesn’t taste good if the pure water is not there.

The Blue Ice bottle texture and design are so fine that it feels like ice inside the bottle. Also, if someone is looking for low calories and carbs, he can go for this one.

It is filtered five times to make it light and extract all the impurities. Also, it doesn’t have any citric acids which you normally find in other vodkas.

Try this popular elegant Potato Vodka with low calories!

Most North Huckleberry

Huckleberry is manufactured from Idaho potatoes and has a smooth and crisp taste. The ingredients it has are;

  • potatoes of Idaho
  • Mountain Water
  • Huckleberry flavor

You will like the taste of it since it is prepared in all the traditional ways of Idaho, it is also one of the genuine and high-quality drinks of Idaho. It is five times distilled to get a fantastic taste of Vodka. It has 35% ABV and is gluten-free.

The main aspect of this Vodka is Huckleberries, it gives it a sweet flavor. It can make the finest fruity cocktails for any occasion.

Get the huckleberries flavor in Vodka and make your day!

Boyd and Blair Perfect with Food

Boyd and Blair originated from Pennsylvania and are prepared by copper pot potatoes. It is full of flavors so it has mixed tastes.

It smells fresh and as soon as you open it, there is a smell of potatoes coming from it.

You can have Boyd and Blair with seafood because of its crisp acidity. It goes perfect with anything salty and pickled. It has 40% ABV, the burning level is quite low.

Do check this sweet vodka and celebrate the taste!

Martin’s Favourite Chopin

This Vodka originated from Poland. The Chopin has been competing with other exclusive potato vodkas for a very long time and received many awards between 2006 at San Francisco in Worlds Spirit Competition. So, it is historic for the greatly rewarded potato vodka.

This Vodka pairs up best with many appetizers and has a mild and earthy taste. It doesn’t burn, after all, paying for Chopin is worth it.

Chopin is distilled four times and approximately 7 pounds of potatoes are used in the making of one vodka bottle. It has 40% ABV and is amazing for cocktails and martinis.

Check out the most awarded and modest potato vodka.