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Fashion bridal face masks for wedding ceremony

The day of matrimony is an important event for brides and grooms. When two people who love one another unite as one, promising each other a life full of respect, love, and happiness. And all they want on this important day is to look fabulous, flawless, and beautiful.

Despite the pandemic, newly-weds didn’t let COVID-19 come between them and their happiness. They understandably wanted to remain safe and healthy too. But the events saw guests wearing paper masks that felt flimsy and looked cheap. Even the bride and bridesmaids wore the same. The whole day left them feeling incomplete without a proper mask suitable for the occasion, something like the customized bridal facemask.

Thus, SmartTie now provides beautiful customized bridal facemasks – boasting a wide variety of designs from which to choose. There have different shapes, colors, and patterns, each more beautiful than the last.

The cost of a beautiful and elegantly made luxury bridal facemask can range anything between $5 to $17 in price.

As an alternative to online shopping, you can source a dressmaker who offers customized bridal facemasks with cloth and design that matches your dress. This customization can be done for the bridesmaids’ dresses as well.

On the bridegroom’s side of the ceremony, we’ve seen a rise in customized tie clips over the past few years – making them a must-have accessory for anyone wearing a suit. Just imagine being in a beautiful countryside garden setting where the wind is blowing from all sides. And while the bride protests her heartfelt vows, all you and the rest of the guests can focus on are the ties flapping around like crazy. It’s an awkward scene that we all would like to avoid.

Tie clips hold down your tie in case of winds, further ensuring that it keeps straight. Many celebrities are seen wearing sleek and dashing customized tie clips on the red carpet events.

SmartTie provides you with these amazingly durable & customized tie clips within an extensive selection. From wood to metal and personalizations too, they have it all. You can even gift your partner with your name on it, or have a meaningful date written on the side. We’ve personally found the rosewood tie clip to be an elegant and sophisticated choice. Their pricing ranges from anywhere between $1 to $50 and more.

Tie clips overall is an excellent choice for achieving the educated & sophisticated look. You can never go wrong with a tie clip.


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