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Father Greg Williams fly from Yeppoon, Queensland, to Melbourne to surprise son Ross Williams

Sweet moment father is reunited with his son in Australia after spending YEARS apart: ‘I’m not crying, you’re crying’

  • Father Greg Williams and son Ross Williams were reunited after eight years apart
  • Last Sunday Ross’ sister, Milly Fotina, shared a video of Mr Williams’ surprise visit
  • Mr Williams lives in central Queensland’s Yeppoon while Ross lives in Melbourne
  • The pair later went on a road trip to Mt Gambier in SA, Mr William’s hometown 

A heartwarming video shows a father and son reuniting after spending eight years apart.

Melbourne boilermaker Ross Williams had long tried to convince his dad, Greg Williams, to travel down from Yeppoon, central Queensland, and last Sunday, his dream came true.

Footage taken by loving sister Milly Fotina shows Mr Williams sneaking up behind Ross to hug him.

Ross turned around to see his father and stared at him in shock while Mr Williams yelled, ‘surprise!’.

Ross stood to face his father wide-eyed before tearing up and hugging his dad.

‘What are you doing here,’ Ross asked, with Mr Williams replying: ‘I’m here to see you.’

Then, stunned, Ross said: ‘You’re here to see me?’

The moving clip has more than 3.6 million likes on TikTok, with several commenters applauding the pair’s relationship.

‘Awww, his face, he was in shock. I love this,’ one commenter wrote.

‘There’s no love on earth like your parents’ love. It’s ageless and healing,’ another said.

‘I’m not crying, you’re crying,’ another wrote.

Loving father Greg Williams (left) flew down from central Queensland to Melbourne to surprise his son Ross (right) after spending eight years apart (pictured, the pair on a trip to Mt Gambier last week)

Mr Williams explained the story behind the special video on Monday.

‘My daughter flew me to Melbourne last week to surprise her brother and put a smile on his face,’ he said.

‘As I never fly or leave home, his surprise was unbelievably heartwarming, to say the very least.

‘He has been trying in vain to get me down there for the past eight years, and I was the last person he expected to turn around and see standing next to him.

‘I love my kids, as I know we all do, but this wonderful moment with my son was so very special. He is a fantastic young man that I love and am very proud of.’

After the video was taken, the pair headed over to Mt Gambier, South Australia, to visit Mr William’s hometown.

‘It’s been the greatest gift to have the old man come visit me in Melbourne and go for a road trip to his hometown,’ Ross wrote under photos of their trip.

‘Been looking forward to this since I was a fair few feet shorter.’

Ross' sister Milly filmed the moment Mr William's surprised Ross in Melbourne (pictured, the pair hugging)

Ross’ sister Milly filmed the moment Mr William’s surprised Ross in Melbourne (pictured, the pair hugging)