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Fears grow for missing schoolgirls, both 14, who disappeared for four days

Fears grow for vanished schoolgirls, both 14, who told their parents they were having a sleepover but have now been missing for four days

  • Jayden Hassan and J’Nea Beecher, both from London went missing on Monday
  • By Tuesday afternoon, parents realised the girls were not where they had said 
  • Police believe the schoolgirls may be in the Essex area and with each other

A police search is underway to find two missing teenage girls who told their parents they were sleeping at each other’s houses.

Jayden Hassan, from Croydon in London, and J’Nea Beecher, from Southwark in London, have been missing since 4pm on Monday, when they both left their homes.

The schoolgirls, both 14, told their parents they would be staying over for the night at each other’s south London homes.

Yet by Tuesday afternoon, both sets of parents realised the daughters were not where they said they were and contacted the police.

Jayden Hassan, from Croydon in London, has been missing since Monday

J'Nea Beecher has also been missing since Monday and is believed to be with Jayden Hassan

Jayden Hassan (left) and J’Nea Beecher (right) have been missing since August 6 and are believed to be together in the Essex area

Metropolitan Police are investigating their disappearance and believe they are likely to be together. Officers believe they may be in the Essex area.

Jayden is described as white, 5ft 4ins with green/ blue eyes and curly frizzy shoulder length hair.

She has a silver nose ring and was last spotted wearing a white crop top, demin blue jean shorts, a yellow/ orange cropped jumped with a black strip down each arm, with black pumps with white soles.

J’Nea is described as black, 5ft 11ins tall with a slim build. She has natural afro shoulder length black hair and was wearing a white camisole top, pink shorts with rips and black trainers. 

Police are asking anyone who knows the current whereabouts of Jayden and J’Nea to call police on 101.  



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