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Federal election 2022: Channel Nine blasted over ’embarrassing’ leaders debate  

Channel Nine is blasted for its ’embarrassing’ leaders’ debate after huge website stuff-up – before declaring Albo the winner despite the fact NO ONE could vote (and then changing its mind)

The second leader’s debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese has been marred by a series of embarrassing glitches.

Channel Nine has come under heavy fire over its coverage of the debate broadcast live from its North Sydney studios on Sunday night as the two leaders went head to head 13 days out from the May 21 election.

Frustrated viewers took to social media to vent their anger about the heated debate was mediated and an online voting poll which listed the Coalition twice.

The network later initially declared Labor Opposition Leader Mr Albanese as the better Prime Minister between the pair, despite a technical glitch leaving thousands of viewers unable to vote online.

They later announced Prime Minister Morrison as the winner before votes shifted back towards Mr Albanese. 

A panellist’s question from voter ‘Mario’ to Mr Albanese also left viewers perplexed and wanting answers.

Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison went head to head on Sunday night

One viewer described the debate as a shambles both in the studio and online.

‘Farcial stuff from Channel 9. Embarrassing from a multi-billion dollar corporation with countless experts,’ another fumed.

Many poked fun at the online poll created which had the Coalition, Labor and Coalition as the options of which party will win the election.

‘Ummm, did Peter Costello draft Nine News’ question options?,’ Labor MP Julian Hill tweeted.

He later wrote:  ‘This voting thing is officially a rort. I tried 20 times to click ‘Labor’ and then ‘Albanese’ for PM. It would not let me. But the first time I clicked ‘Coalition’ and ‘Morrison’ it accepted it. Total rort and joke. Nine should apologise.’

Channel Nine has been slammed over its coverage, including an online poll which listed the Coalition twice

Channel Nine has been slammed over its coverage, including an online poll which listed the Coalition twice

Others complained about the online voting system being broken, forcing the network to address the technical glitch on-air and on its live blog.

‘Due to exceptionally high traffic some of you may experience issues with voting in our poll. Keep refreshing and you will get your chance to have your say,’ the network Twitter.

A question from panellist Deborah Knight also went viral after telling Mr Albanese a lot of voters still don’t know who he is.

‘I had a listener Mario contact me this week to say you used to be radical socialist but just because you have a new set of glasses, how can we believe that you’re a reformed man? That’s Mario, what do you say to him,’ she asked.

The question left perplexed viewers wanting to know who Mario was.

‘Who the bloody hell is MARIO ? That is complete rubbish an unknown bloke makes a statement and that is a question?’ one voter tweeted.

Another added: ‘Who is Mario ? I’ve changed or refined some of my views as I’ve grown, developed and matured, I’m sure Albanese (and others) have too. Why ask that question!”

Many viewers were left disappointed over the lack of mediation which saw the two leaders shout over the top of each other on a number of occasions.

‘This is stupid LeadersDebate is a s*** storm. Scott Morrison is just shouting over Albo. It’s ridiculous. What are the rules here? A free for all? He who shouts loudest is heard? He who interrupts more is right?’ one man wrote.

Another wrote: ‘After this ‘performance’ I question why channel 9 has a broadcasting license at all.’