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Feeling burn out from work: The 10 signs you need a holiday and the top Australian hidden gems

Are you jealous and short tempered? These are the nine signs you need a holiday NOW (and the Aussie hidden gems that will hit the spot)

  • A travel expert has revealed the 10 signs that signal you’re in need of a holiday
  • Signs include losing your temper, making unhealthy choices and sleeping badly
  • Research indicates holidays can prevent burnout and heart disease
  • FEMAIL has put together a list of the top six hidden gems you should visit  

A travel expert has revealed the 10 signs you are in need of a holiday – from a short temper to making unhealthy choices and constant vacation ‘envy’.

Experts from travel website ParkSleepFly found that while holidays are generally ‘a want’ rather than ‘a need’, research has shown they are key to functioning well and can help to prevent burnout and heart disease. 

And while airport delays and long haul travel may be stressful for some, there are plenty of Australian hidden gems that will hit the travel spot in the short term. 

A travel expert has revealed the 10 signs that signal you’re in need of a holiday, including sleeping badly, making unhealthy choices and having a short temper

1. You often lose your temper

Experts believe you need a holiday if you feel like you’re ‘constantly stressed out and seem to be making a bigger deal out of problems you could usually solve with ease.’

2. You’re making unhealthy choices

If you find yourself glued to your screen or eating badly, this may be due to stress, tiredness and a lack of motivation, indicating you need time off.

Research indicates holidays can be very beneficial for health, preventing burnout, heart disease and other physical and mental illnesses

Research indicates holidays can be very beneficial for health, preventing burnout, heart disease and other physical and mental illnesses


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3. You’re making mistakes

If you find yourself making mistakes you wouldn’t normally make, this may be a sign your brain is overworked and in need of rest.

4. You can’t sleep

Bad sleep patterns are a major sign ‘you need to make a change and look after yourself.’

5. You’re neglecting your personal life

If you find yourself ‘regularly missing family gatherings and cancelling on friends,’ this may be a sign you need to take a break and re-think your work life balance.

6. You’ve got ‘holiday envy’

Feeling jealousy and frustration upon seeing your friends holiday pictures may be a sign you need to get away yourself.

Why you should go home on time every day of the week

Research shows that working more than 48 hours a week is linked with significant declines in productivity, more errors, and an increased risk of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Working within your core hours and taking regular breaks can actually help you be more productive at work. You’ll likely adopt better work practices, get better at saying no and managing your time.

Feeling better equipped to tackle life’s challenges is another upside to a better work-life balance. You’re also more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices and build and maintain healthy relationships. 

Source: Beyond Blue 

7. You’ve lost your spark

You probably need a holiday if you dread getting up for work and cant ‘find the funny’ in anything.

8. Your last holiday is a distant memory

If you cant even remember when you last used your suitcase, it may be time to take a trip. Experts suggest at least two long trips per year.

9. Your time off isn’t exciting

If you’re so tired on your days off you can only lounge around on the couch, you may need a break. 

Make your time off count: These six hidden Aussie travel gems are ideal for your next holiday  


1. Talia Beach rock pools, South Australia

At low tide, the ocean pulls back from the rocky shore of Talia Beach to reveal a series of unique natural pools with crystal clear water perfect for a dip while taking in the stunning coastal views. 


2. Mossman Gorge, Queensland

Images of the picture-perfect Mossman Gorge with trickling waterfalls and rushing rapids have been popping up all over social media as travel-starved Australians flock to the area in droves. 


3. Pemberton Pools, Western Australia

Built in the 1920s for the families of timber workers to escape the heat of the West Australian sun, Pemberton Pool is nestled under the canopy of towering karri trees. 


4. Karloo Pool, New South Wales

After a moderate hike, visitors are rewarded with the refreshing waters of Karloo Pools near Heathcote in the Royal National Park less than an hour south of the Sydney CBD. 


5. Bunda Cliffs, South Australia

Adventure seekers claim to have found the perfect free camping spot on the ‘edge of Australia’. 

Bunda Cliffs stretch 100km between the Nullarbor plain in Western Australia and Great Australian Bight in South Australia and is the longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs in the world. 


6. Flinders Island, Tasmania 

Flinders Island is one of the country’s best kept secrets because of its raw, isolated and devastatingly beautiful natural landscape with plenty of adventures for the whole family to enjoy.