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Female Liberal MP Melissa McIntosh defends Scott Morrison

Female Liberal MP Melissa McIntosh defends Scott Morrison

Last night on the 7.30 Report, the Prime Minister referred to the women in his parliamentary team who he has been standing up for. Another of the women he was referring to is me. 

Whilst I have never publicly spoken about the events of the last year, I can no longer abide the nonsense being peddled in the public domain about the Prime Minister.

At the Federal election of 2019, supported by my local volunteers and Liberal Party conference, I was the only Liberal candidate in New South Wales to take a seat from Labor, with a 7.16 per cent swing, ensuring the Morrison Government won a very difficult election.

As a member of the class of 2019, the Prime Minister from the moment we won Government, personally supported all of us. 

In my own case, someone who was fighting to take a seat off Labor, he had backed me from the moment I became a candidate, then throughout the campaign, and I have had nothing but the greatest personal support since.

The Prime Minister’s door has always been open and I have had his ear whenever I have needed it for my community. 

Also in the last year, in my struggle against malicious factional players in NSW who decided to take out all of my local Liberal Party conference, the same team who helped us win the election. 

These same factional players then proceeded to threaten and then challenge my preselection, and attacked me for several months.

The Prime Minister stepped up and helped me through this difficult time. He listened to me, advised me, and fought hard for me to defeat the challenge and stick with politics. 

It was not an easy road, but his personal support for me did not falter and made the difference to me contesting this election.

He is a strong leader yes, but he is also a good man, and has helped a lot of people.

I have always remained extremely focussed on serving my community, but I can’t ignore the nonsense going on right now. 

For aggrieved people, all of whom are the factional players who started all of this, to now be attacking the Prime Minister in public with what are false claims is wrong and needs calling out.

I am speaking out to call out these unfair attacks on the Prime Minister. He has only ever done the right thing by me and our Party, and he has done nothing but stand up for me as a first-term female MP. 

I couldn’t ask for more than that from a leader.