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Female NYPD cops could be disciplined for posing with strippers

  • The four women smiled with the stripper, one of them pointing at his G-string 
  • Another stripper wearing a thong and sailor hat is seen dancing in background
  • NYPD spokesman said the cops were not aware that strippers would be at event 

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Four female NYPD officers could face disciplinary action after they posed for a picture with a male stripper wearing only a G-string at a Mother’s Day event.

In the photo the four women all smile with the stripper as one of them enthusiastically points at his G-string.  

Another stripper, wearing just a thong and a sailor hat, can be seen dancing in the background of the event. 

These four NYPD officers could potentially face disciplinary action after they posed for a picture with a male stripper wearing a G-string during a Mother’s Day event in Manhattan 

The photo was taken at the ARC Senior Center in Manhattan. 

Two of the cops have been identified as Neighborhood Coordination Officers Amber Guzman and Nathalie Lebron, according to the New York Daily News. 

All four female officers are from the 33rd Precinct. An NYPD recruit reportedly took the photo. 

An NYPD spokesman said cops traditionally attend the annual event and were not aware that strippers would be there. 

‘The senior center participants encouraged the officers to pose for the picture,’ Sgt Jessica McRorie told

‘The commanding officer is aware and will address the incident at the precinct level.’ 

At least one cop at the precinct rose to the women’s defense, saying it only made them more ‘endearing’ to the community.

‘Everyone’s having a good time there,’ he told the Daily News. ‘It’s not like the cops are the ones stripping. They’re there having a good time with the people there.’ 

In 2011 an investigation was launched after two NYPD officers were filmed gyrating with women in bikinis at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn.



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