Fever 101: What Are The Common Reasons Behind High Temperature

The human body adjusts its temperature according to various internal and external factors. For example, the body will maintain a high temperature if the environment is warm. This is an external factor. An example of an internal factor is illnesses. When the body is exposed to a virus, it increases its temperature to cope with it. This is termed as a fever. Most people consider a high temperature to be a problem in itself, however, it is a symptom of an underlying problem. If the fever seems dangerous, the patient should be taken to the San Antonio ER immediately. Otherwise, if it’s only mild and lasts a few days, it can be treated with medication or antibiotics.

Reasons Behind Fever

A few reasons behind fever can be:

  1. Virus

There are various viruses in the environment. One that has recently shaken the entire world is the coronavirus. These viruses can transfer from one person to another. When a virus enters the body, the body tries to cope with it and therefore raises its temperature. Generally, it goes away as soon as the body kills the virus and returns to its normal state. If a person doesn’t feel healthy in a couple of days, they should be taken to the San Antonio ER.

  1. Heat Exhaustion

Too much heat can cause a fever, as well. As the body’s temperature rises in warm environments, it is common for it to increase beyond the limit when exposed to excessive heat. This can’t be treated with fever medicines. One should also try to drink plenty of liquids and rest for a few hours. Proper rest can help sort out this type of fever quickly.

  1. Antibiotics

Some antibiotics can cause the body temperature to rise due to an allergic reaction or just a side effect. This usually gets referred to as “drug fever.” It may go away as soon as the medication is stopped. In case it doesn’t go away, the person should be taken to the San Antonio ER immediately because a drug fever can cause severe problems. It’s best if doctors can treat the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Cancer

Yes, fever is also a symptom of underlying cancer. The tumor cells or cancer treatment can make the body’s immune system weak, and hence, it catches a fever. It is a preferred choice to take the patient to the San Antonio ER in these circumstances. Doctors can diagnose the problem and see what can be done.

  1. Infection

A bacterial infection is one of the primary causes of a fever. When the body encounters bacteria, it tries to kill it by raising its temperature. Once it manages to get rid of the bacteria, the fever automatically comes down. In some cases, it may be recommended to take antibiotics to bring down the high temperature.

  1. Unidentified

There are certain cases when the cause of a fever is not identified. In these situations, a temperature can last up to a few weeks. However, it doesn’t cause any significant harm to the body. This is generally termed as a fever of unknown origin. Still, it is suggested to take the person to San Antonio ER so that it can be properly treated.

  1. Flu Shot

The flu shot itself can cause a slight fever. The temperature usually rises to 101°F, and there is no significant discomfort. Therefore, the patient doesn’t need to take any medications for this as the fever goes away in a couple of days. In case it doesn’t, the person should check with their doctor.

Severity Of Fever

As stated before, fever isn’t a problem in itself. A high temperature caused by viruses or bacterias usually goes away within a few days. If the temperature doesn’t lower after that, it’s recommended to take the person to the San Antonio ER. A few other situations where people should take fever seriously are:

  • When a child has a fever higher than 102°F for more than one day
  • When an infant has a fever higher than 100.4°F
  • When an adult’s temperature rises beyond 103°F
  • There are other severe symptoms with a fever, such as discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, etc.
  • Regular medicines don’t bring the fever down
  • The adult/child has been in contact with a coronavirus patient
  • The child experiences a seizure with fever
  • The person has spent long hours in the heat

The basic rule to check the severity of the fever is to keep an eye on the temperature and other symptoms. In case the temperature is too high, the person will need critical help. Similarly, the person should be given medical help if there are other serious symptoms. Taking the person immediately to San Antonio ER will help in avoiding any complications.

Treatment Of Fever

Generally, the body’s temperature gets lowered by antibiotics, while the doctors focus on the underlying problem. However, here are a few steps (apart from medicine) people can follow:

  • Rest: It is vital for the person experiencing fever to rest. No matter the reason behind the high temperature, excessive exertion only worsens the condition.
  • Hydration: One should maintain hydration to help lower the body’s temperature. Clear waters like water, juices, broth, and hydration drinks are preferable.
  • Cold Atmosphere: When a person’s body temperature is already high due to fever, keeping them in hot environments will make things worse. Therefore, it is recommended to use lightweight clothes and bed coverings.
  • Bath: People suffering from fever usually don’t want to get up from their beds, but taking a lukewarm bath helps to lower the temperature, which makes them feel better.

These things only work when the fever is mild. In case of severe fever, the person should be taken to the San Antonio ER. The doctors can then diagnose the cause and see what kind of treatment the patient needs.


Fever can be a result of many factors. A high temperature is generally accompanied by headache, dehydration, appetite loss, weakness, sweating, and chills. These symptoms will go away as soon as the body’s temperature goes back to normal, and the fever is treated.