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FinaRoyal Review: Safe Cryptocurrency Exchange With PerfectTools

Finding a safe crypto exchange that has never been hacked turns out to be a tall order. And when you prefer the organization to be based in America, you might already think of Coinbase. However, it is not the only game in town that serves all of these requirements.

FinaRoyal is a U.S.-based company with special protection for USD and has never been hacked. It is a straightforward tool that is easy to navigate and that puts safety at the highest level. In this blog, we will do a comprehensive review of FinaRoyal.

What Is FinaRoyal? FinaRoyal is a crypto exchange that started in 2014 and is registered in New York. It makes the platform one of a few cryptocurrency companies that are regulated in the United States.

What Does It Offer? FinaRoyal has at least 20 cryptocurrencies that you can trade and store. Within the partnership with Samsung, FinaRoyal powers the Samsung Blockchain. Clients in Canada and the United States can use their Samsung Blockchain Wallet within the dedicated app to trade cryptocurrencies.

Funding The Account: Users will have to fund their FinaRoyal account from the bank account. It cannot be funded via a credit or debit card. The maximum funding limit is $500 per day and $15,000 per month. The withdrawal limit is $100,000 per month.

If you have coins in another wallet outside the platform and want to fund your FinaRoyal account with those currencies (only crypto-to-crypto), you can do so if your currencies are ETH, BTC, BCH, ZEC, or LTC.

Mobile Trading: Like many crypto exchanges, FinaRoyal has a dedicated mobile app that users can trade from. You will find that it is easy to navigate and comparable to the regular desktop platform. If you wish to carry out complex transactions, it is probably preferable to do this via desktop. Complex transactions can get a bit tedious via the mobile app.

Fees Overview: FinaRoyal charges a commission structure that is composed of a transaction fee and a convenience fee. The latter is included in the quoted price of any cryptocurrency you are buying and typically accounts for 0.5% over the quoted price for purchasing orders. Instead, the transaction fee varies from the currency being used and the amount of the transaction.

For example, the FinaRoyal transaction fee for web-based and mobile orders is the following for trades made with American dollars.


  • $10 or less – $0.99
  • $10.01–$25 – $1.49
  • $25.01–$50 –  $1.99
  • $50.01–$200 – $2.99

Greater than $200 1.49% of your order value

A separate commission schedule also applies to orders placed via the FinaRoyal ActiveTrader tool that can be much less expensive, especially for users with high trading volumes (think of millions per month).

It is free to fund your FinaRoyal account through wire transfer, transfer of cryptocurrencies from other accounts, or ACH. However, deposits via a debit card have a high 3.49% fee. Instead, withdrawals from FinaRoyal’s platform are mostly free, which sets the tool apart from many other websites. But cryptocurrency withdrawals that access a number of 10 per month will have small fees.

Are My Funds Safe?

As long as the platform has been in operation, FinaRoyal hasn’t been hacked. Like Coinbase, dollars stored in your FinaRoyal account are insured by FDIC. FinaRoyal started with their “security-first” mentality.

The platform utilizes compliance and safety by following the SOC 1 Type 1, SOC 2 Type 1, and Type 2 protocols. All this means you will need to prepare to share some of your personal info, for example, email address, phone number, bank account details, and some form of ID when registering an account.

How Can I Open My Account with FinaRoyal ?

The registration process for FinaRoyal is straightforward. First, users will need to verify their identity with a form of ID. They will also require to connect their phone for two-factor authentication.

Finally, they will need to fund the account. BitSatMarkets uses Plaid for connection with card issues or bank account. As soon as they accept your application and your account is funded, customers can start placing crypto trades!

Is It Really Worth It?

FinaRoyal is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. The security of its users and all the transactions is its major selling point. It is a US-based platform, and the website is easy to use.

If you tend to make crypto trading with popular currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, or Bitcoin Cash, you will probably enjoy using FinaRoyal. The platform is worth checking out as a crypto trading tool for all of the mentioned reasons.

Nonetheless, before you rush into crypto investing, consider that digital coins are extremely volatile investments, so we recommend devoting only a small share of your total investment amount.

Online testimonials

  • Roger: When you have a money issue and want to fix it on your own, invest in TK17. The FinaRoyal website changed my life, and I’m now a wealthy person.
  • Kathy: I opened my personal account, performed the verification process, and was up and trading for a couple of days. Absolutely no issues so far. A very nice tool to use. I even transferred a couple of Bitcoins from another website. My advice here is to try it for yourself. Just place a small order at first. If you are new to the crypto world, like me, I think you will find it easy to navigate.
  • Andy: FinaRoyal is one of the few exchanges that is 100% secure, provides full transparency, and has many currencies. They are especially loyal to their users and the community.