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Find out about popular trends in organizing events

Feeling excited about your event to organize and all the future opportunities that could be connected with the event? You must be! This is the right time to update you about the latest events trends to meet the market need. You need to upgrade your attendee experience and target new audiences to keep alive in this saturated market. Also, the venue to hire in Sydney is very important as it will reflect your taste.

The ever-changing industry always tends to follow new trends; which is understandable, given the event should wow the people who attend. We have seen some evergreen marketing tactics in this field if we name a few here is the list;

  • Analysis of people who are going to attend the event
  • Detailed budgeting
  • Planning

But this does not mean you need to stick with these rules only, let’s find out popular trends in organizing events that can benefit your business.

Trend # 1

Advanced Technology

The latest and advanced technology can make your event experience seamless that can convert your event a must-attend. Two trends you should not ignore; RFID and Artificial Intelligence.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is not just for music or concerts. But these wristbands can boost your comic gathering or enhance your film festival; by shortening lines at the entry. People tend to use RFIDs to enter any festival easily and purchase without paying cash. One thing holds them back, as most of the event organizers do not offer RFID wristbands. But the ones, who offer, actually stand apart. RFID can be used for multiple reasons;

  • Impeccably the organizers can handle entry for a multi-day event.
  • You can offer tailored access to various spots inside the event.
  • An attendee can connect their wristband with their debit/credit card to pay

The event management industry has been building up an artificial industry for many years, and this has become part of many people. Instead, not all of us have a robotic dog or smart refrigerator; but we are familiar with digitized assistants like Siri. This AI is helping us to get better and better over time. Progressive organizers are using “Chatbot” that can answer basic questions by using event applications.

Trend # 2

Unique Venues

Choosing the right venue is the key to making your event a one of a kind experience for your audience. You can think about the outdoor of a hotel ballroom, or go for less traditional and typical options to wow your attendees. People these days are expecting some unique experiences. They are looking for such places that can make their event memorable. Event managing creators can meet the need to intimidate and unique venue setups. Demand is increasing day by day for non-traditional venues. Exceptional venues can be more versatile, and you can customize the space easily.

Trend # 3

Smaller but cherished Events

Conducting a nig ostentatious event might be a symbol of success by some organizers, but demand is growing for simple smaller events. Where people can meet face to face and have social interactions. As an event organizer, you should not always think about getting marketing opportunities. Why don’t you consider more about building trust and get a chance to engage with people? Clients are demanding authenticity from brands after getting suspicious of big businesses.

Trend # 4

Performances to boost engagement

If you add entertaining performance to the event could go a long way in keeping the attendees engaged. But for larger events, you need more space to create a festival-like ambiance prepared exclusively for one group. This way, you can engage multiple groups in different activities. By planning so, you need to go outdoor as these events are somehow impossible at hotels. You can go to resorts, outdoor and convention centers.

Trend # 5

Event Security

Unfortunately, this trend is continuously rising, and this has infected the event management industry badly. Every time during or after an event, it seems new security concerns and needs are rising. Though safety concerns not always meet the solutions. But a study shows that only 53% of event organizers have an emergency plan in their list. Now, this is the time to increase event security by focusing on crisis communication, cyber-security, and onsite security. As an event organizer, this is your responsibility to take care of your attendees.

Trend # 6

Local Flavors

We all love our local foods; it was always striking people if planned accordingly. Seasonal food or edible prepared by local farmers or entrepreneurs could be the trendiest ornament of your event. If there is a food place in your event, why don’t you think of this idea seriously? You can bring many benefits out of it; you can dish up food with some unique story behind it. You can get better prices with the local entrepreneurs or marketers. This way, you can become their partner and help them in supporting their food.

Trend # 7

Wellness on Agenda

Wellbeing and human health are at the forefront of everyone’s mind because these fitness fanatics are getting fame on Youtube and Instagram. Now events are incorporating this aspect more into their event agenda. This can be done by different means, for example; discussions on the topics, invite nutritionists, share some life experiences. Almost every person has wellness, mindfulness, and intention in their New Year’s resolution on the top priority.

This can be a small session of motivational introduction about the health or living standards; and how to make them in a more productive way.

Trend # 8

Create more effectiveness by Live Data

The latest technology is the key factor for event professionals to do business in the coming years. This is the best way of utilizing the live data option to reach maximum people in real-time, and this trend is already in practice in this industry. But in the future, this will occupy all other means; a strong prediction by lots of business development professionals.

Trend # 9

Events go Offline

We have a huge audience who are more inclined towards technology, but at the same time, there is a group of people who want to switch off their devices. This trend is flourishing; people want to enjoy some peaceful moments, get connected with nature and tend to socialize with people without any social medium. As an event organizer, you can encourage delegations to enjoy their morning walk without having mobile phones with them. Or they can put their phones and laptops in their car and go out for lunch with their dear ones.

Trend # 10

Minimalist Event Décor

The concept” Less is more” is coming practice when it comes to material nowadays. The younger generation is leaner towards minimalism, and they are valuing experiences over possession, which is fair enough. This trend might hit wedding events as there were lots of décor items there on a single event. But now it is reported that couples are choosing an extremely minimalistic look for their wedding day. They need this approach from venue to invitations, food to the wedding cake, gifts and the list goes on.


As we see, this event industry does not stand still in any era. It is moving on, creating trends, accepting development, understanding people’s mind and diversifies their thinking about the new and unique idea. Old ways of organizing events are becoming obsolete as they do not appeal to people anymore.

Try to treat your attendees like people, try to give them unique experiences and memories. You can help them in bringing new and momentous ideas when they go back to their home.