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Fire breaks out at a Port of Botany in Sydney

Fire breaks out at Sydney’s main freight port sending a huge tower of flame into the air and covering the city in black smoke

  • A huge wall of fire was spotted in Sydney’s south on Wednesday morning 
  • The flames at Port Botany were visible for kilometres across the city  
  • Fire and Rescue NSW said the fire was a controlled burn at an industrial site  

A large fire has erupted in Sydney which could be seen across the city after an emergency at a major port.

The flames towered several storeys high over Port Botany – Sydney’s major freight port – just after 10am on Wednesday, producing plumes of black smoke. 

Alarming footage of the huge plume of fire sparked fears of a major uncontrolled inferno consuming a building at the port. 

The flames were visible for kilometres across Sydney on Wednesday morning (pictured) 

However, Fire and Rescue NSW said the flames were part of a controlled emergency protocol at the industrial facility.

‘An industrial site has activated its safety systems at Port Botany,’ it said. 

‘Excess gas is being burnt off through a stack creating a large flame and thick black smoke which may be visible for some distance.’

Port Botany is a deepwater seaport and one of the largest container ports in Australia which deals mainly in shipping container but also liquid petroleum and natural gas deliveries. 

There are also industrial factories at the site, with the Qenos plant that manufactures the common plastic polyethlene having previously conducted similar controlled burns. 

Concerned Sydneysiders took to social media about the flames. 

‘Fire with visible flames somewhere south of Sydney city,’ one person wrote. 

‘Huge fire on the city fringe,’ added another. 

The flames dissipated shortly after 11am with one witness saying it appeared as though they were just turned off. 

Locals took to social media to express their concerns over the flames (pictured)

Locals took to social media to express their concerns over the flames (pictured)