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Firefighters try to rescue trapped man from incoming tide - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

Firefighters cut through rock in desperate bid to rescue trapped man from incoming tide as water reaches his neck

Fire officers are cutting through a rock in a desperate bid to rescue a man trapped while by the incoming tide.

The man reportedly got his leg stuck between two rocks while the tide was coming in on Sunday evening near Sheringham, Norfolk.

Emergency services were called just after 5.30pm and RNLI crews were dispatched alongside Coastguard Rescue Teams and ambulances.  

Life boat crews were scrambled to a stretch of coastline near Sheringham, Norfolk where the man got stuck (file photo)

A spokesperson for the Coastguard said crews are assisting the man by holding his head above the water and have now given him breathing apparatus and a life jacket. 

Zach Pedley from HM Coastguard said: ‘This is a very frightening experience for this man.

‘Thankfully someone knew to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard which meant we could send the right response immediately.

‘Everyone is working together at the scene to keep him calm and safe as we effect the rescue.’

A statement on the Coastguard’s website also read: ‘HM Coastguard is currently coordinating the rescue of a man who got his leg trapped in the rocks while the tide was coming in. 

‘Although the water has come in a fair way, the emergency responders are on scene helping to reassure him and holding his head about the water. He has also been given breathing apparatus and a lifejacket.

‘Fire officers are currently working to cut through the rock to rescue the man.’


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