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First Aid Essentials You Must Keep Handy

Life is full of surprises. Anything can happen anytime. While we can’t avoid our fate, we can always be prepared for it. When we think of protection and precaution, the first thing that comes to our mind is a first aid box.

We should all have one in our homes and our vehicles. It offers primary healthcare in times of accidents and sickness, after all. The real question is what are all the first aid essentials that we must keep handy.

To help you out, we have jotted down all the necessary first aid items that we could think of.

An Antiseptic

The most common types of injuries require one to use an antiseptic. This is because an antiseptic helps to prevent an infection.

Gauze dressing

It might sound a little outdated to keep a gauze dressing in your first aid box but they are very versatile and help in the most unfortunate cuts and wounds.

Crepe bandages

Sprains are more likely to happen anywhere than you might like to admit. So, just keep them. They help greatly in times of hopeless twists of the ankle. Also, they help you gain sympathy even when the injury isn’t even that severe.

Cotton balls

You need cotton balls to clean the wounded area gently.

Adhesive bandage

Band-Aids or adhesive bandages are a total savior in times of minor cuts or even shoe bites. You must stock up on them.


Scissors must be present in a first-aid box because you don’t want to use your teeth to cut bandages.

A thermometer

Measuring the intensity of your fever using your hands is unreliable. It is for this reason that you must keep a trusted thermometer in your first-aid box.


Painkillers can also be termed as magic pills. They suck your pain out of your body. So it is pretty much self-explanatory why you need them. However, keep a check on the expiration date of your painkillers.


Paracetamols help you defeat a fever. You should know why you can’t do without them.

Tampons or sanitary napkins

Pads and tampons not only save your day from an unexpected period but also are good enough for soaking up blood from deeper wounds. Don’t forget to pop a pack of sanitary napkins in your car.

Gel for toothache or ulcer

One can almost never tell why they are having sudden ulcers or toothaches. A quick relief gel might help you avoid that painful situation.


Antacids cure ingestions and you never know when you might need to use them.

Safety pins

Safety pins are such versatile things that help in a number of situations. Just keep some with you.

Pain-relieving balm

Your first-aid box is never complete without a good pain-relieving balm.


Dry and irritated eyes are made better with an eyewash. However, buying safe, high-quality eyewash is important which is why you should buy from reliable brands like Aero Healthcare.

Mosquito patch

Even a little mosquito bite can take an ugly shape. So buy some mosquito patches for your first-aid box.

Disinfectant and sanitizer

You can’t afford to catch an infection these days, not even a negligible one. So keep a disinfectant and a sanitizer handy at all times.


Everyone is aware of the current pandemic situation. You must wear a mask at all times. Also, keep an extra mask in your first and box. You never know when you might need it.

Our health is all that we have. It is more important than money and power. If we are healthy, we can conquer the world. If not, nothing holds value anymore. So, take care and keep a fully loaded first aid box in your vehicle and at your home.