Five easy money-saving steps: DIY Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

At the look of things, the kitchen is one of the significant and most expensive areas in our homes – the part of the house which you cannot do without. The kitchen presentation tends to give more information about how you live and your personality. It’s the center of attraction in all homes.  The kitchen is also the most visited area meaning the furniture and appliances are always in use. With time the smart and neat kitchen starts to look old and used.  Remodeling is the next big idea for the majority of homeowners.

However, the thought is accompanied by a huge budget due to material and labor costs.  Furniture such as kitchen cabinets take the majority of the cost. Which includes painting, fixing the hinges, and replacing the doors they require full remodeling, which is costly.  However, homeowners can have a budget kitchen remodel if they cannot afford the entire remodeling process at once. Homeowners today also have advanced technologies such as paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets to help in the remodeling process. Here I take you through five steps to help you save on your kitchen remodeling budget.

Easy tips to save money on your kitchen remodeling budget

Have a complete design plan

To achieve a whole new makeover plan for your kitchen, you need a comprehensive and detailed plan. It should comprise of the locations of the appliances, cabinets, and the walls once you have the plan on the table check on what can save you money and time, for the walls use the existing walls and kitchen configurations. This saves you the tearing and constructing process which adds on the cost. It also keeps the electrical system intact with no interruptions.

Refresh rather than replacing the kitchen cabinets

Tear-out-and-replace project is expensive, which is frustrating when working with a small budget. Replacing means buying new cabinets, materials, and involving professionals to install. It gets expensive if you require the custom-made pieces to fit your current space. Fortunately, you can refresh the existing cabinets and have a brand new look.  The process is eco-friendly as no material will go to waste and it’s cost-effective.

  • The power of paint

When working with a kitchen on a budget, you require everything to work in your favor.  Painting is the exclusive process to refresh the cabinets.  The cabinets will require some extra work to get their shin back. You need to sand, prime, and paint to get the new look.

Steps for painting cabinets

  • Preparing the room

The success of a perfect painting job lies in good preparation work. Empty the cabinets and clear the counters. Set a different room, and relocate the furniture and appliances, use the rosin paper to cover other surfaces. To protect them from dust, paint, and fumes, now mask the wall around the cabinets. Once done now prepare the space for painting the doors, drawers, and shelves.

  • Remove the doors, drawers, and shelves.

Remove all the hinge screws from the cabinets, ensure all parts are separately removed. You can label all the pieces as you remove from the cabinet for easy fixing.

  • Cleaning the surfaces

Clean all the surfaces using safe cleaners/sprays to remove the grease and dust. Check on all corners to have all spots clean.

  • Prep the boxes

Have your safe gears on then use a pad dipped in a liquid deglosser to scrub the surfaces. It would be best if you scrubbed fast before the liquid evaporates. Ensure the cabinets are totally clean.

  • Prime the cabinet boxes, sand, seal and fill.
  • Now you can paint the cabinet boxes.

You can paint using brush rollers or use the simple mechanism of a paint sprayer to have a smooth finish.

  • Once done with the prim and paint put back the pieces after they dry.

Refurbish the appliances

Today homeowners can refurbish their appliance unlike before when they sent them to the landfills. With more knowledge circulating and online services available, people can now fix the home appliance without any professional help.  You can now refurbish the dishwasher, refrigerator water heater, etc. However, fixing depends on the problem of appliance and skills. There are simple issues that don’t require professionals.

Keep the same kitchen layout.

Since you’re working on a budget, it’s better to maintain the same pace. Changing the kitchen layout calls for more funds that are not applicable to a remodel budget. Changes for means moving the plumbing for the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator. All this requires hiring plumbers, who will punch more holes on the wall for new pipes. Remember we need the wall intact to avoid overspending. Keeping the same layout and refurbishing the furniture and appliances is cost-effective. You won’t mess with the floor, which also saves more money.

Do the majority of the work yourself.

Doing it yourself saves on labor costs while you spend on materials. There are projects which require beginners to intermediate professional from DIY. Projects such as interior painting, cabinet installations, changing the lights and outlets, etc.

A kitchen renovation is not a race to finish but to grow and build slowly. You can play with different colors in your kitchen and save the hassle of buying new furniture. Have fresh paint on the walls to keep them alive. Blend the wall, furniture, and appliance with unique colors while spending less. The remodeling budget should never limit your creativity when it comes to kitchen remodeling.