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Five Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Lose Weight

People put on extra weight due to various reasons, such as living a sedentary lifestyle, consuming certain medicines, and insulin-related conditions. Others simply gain weight due to their genetics.

Regardless of the reason for weight gain, every doctor recommends losing weight to prevent obesity and related diseases. Although there are several ways to slim down, like exercise programs and diet plans, people often struggle to implement them successfully. This fight to lose weight usually stresses people out, which further makes them gain weight.

Before heading to NovaGenix, read along to find out the reasons why you are still struggling to lose weight.

Dietary Issues

It is undeniable that food plays a crucial role in both gaining and reducing weight. People aiming to lose a few pounds often set a diet plan and incorporate healthy food instead of junk.

However, people often overlook protein and instead focus on carbs only. Aim to incorporate 25-30% protein into your total diet daily, and you will automatically consume fewer calories. The addition of protein means a drastic reduction of cravings and snacking.

This is because protein consumption impacts the levels of appetite-regulating hormones such as ghrelin. Moreover, loading a diet with protein prevents slow metabolism, which causes weight gain.

Apart from adding a little protein, going on a low-carb diet is also an effective weight loss strategy. Avoid sugary drinks and products, but do not entirely cut them out. It is essential to set the diet chart thoughtfully so that you do not become deficient and suffer.

You Are Not Tracking Anything

Dietary plans and exercise programs must be tracked to determine their actual effectiveness. Some foods or workouts may not suit your body type, and continuing to do them may not offer the desired results. Moreover, tracking also enables you to change the whole regimen if it is not working.

You can use various apps like MyFitnessPal or gadgets like Fitbit to track different inputs responsible for weight loss. However small or redundant these inputs may seem, they do have immense influence over your weight over time.

You Are Stressing Out

Losing weight is not a stress-free task. Many research studies have shown that prolonged stress is one of the prime reasons why people do not lose weight. When you are constantly stressed, your body releases high levels of cortisol, which further increases insulin levels.

As insulin levels rise, the body will store more fat, especially around the waistline. Moreover, people skip meals when they are worried, which will reduce resting metabolic rate, making you look lethargic.

You should relax, take a walk in the fresh morning air and try calming exercises like yoga. In addition, you can practice meditation which significantly alleviates stress levels.

You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sound sleep is vital not only for your well-being but also for your weight control. People with poor sleep cycles have a greater likelihood of becoming obese. Lack of sleep makes you tired during the day.

Tiredness and lack of energy cause the body to crave food, especially sugar-rich foods, which are detrimental to your weight loss journey. Moreover, when you are tired, it may be harder for you to control hunger, and you will automatically end up eating more food, causing you to gain weight.

Becoming Too Focused On Dieting

Although fasting does help you lose weight, researchers have concluded that people who fast often tend to gain more weight in the long run. When you consume fewer calories, the body will adapt to it, and after a while, the body will treat the calories as surplus to requirement and store them as fat.

Hence, rather than dieting every now and then, set healthy habits as your prime objective. A balanced diet full of nutrients along with exercise will help you become slim.

Losing weight is a challenging task, and numerous factors can hinder the process. As mentioned before, the main reason why people never achieve their desired weight loss goal is not balancing their calorie intake.

Hence, it would help if you eat mindfully, track your diet, and rest well every night. You can visit the NovaGenix center to get professional assistance in your weight reduction journey.