Five Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Cool During The Summer

Summers are definitely the warmest season of the year. Due to high temperatures in summers, your refrigerator needs to work extra hard to perform its functions. This means mounting consumption of energy by the fridge and lower efficiency.

This guide by Pittsburgh Appliance Repair will show you some simple tips and tricks to follow so that your refrigerator is performing effectively when the temperature surges in the summers.

Check The Seal Of Your Refrigerator

In order to make the fridge door completely shut (airtight), each one is equipped with a seal or gaskets. If the door is unsealed, it can affect the cooling capabilities of the refrigerator. You need to keep a close check on the seal in order to save money on your energy bill.

By doing this, you not only benefit yourself, but you also help to keep the environment safe. Follow a simple trick to test whether the seal is properly working or not. First, you can visually inspect and look for any kind of cracks, tears, or holes on the seal. For further detection, take a piece of paper and place it inside the seal.

Try pulling the paper out, and if the case seal holds paper, there is no need to change it. However, if the paper comes out of the gasket or seal, you need to replace it immediately.  You can either fix it temporarily by using a thin layer of petroleum gel, but you must replace it in the long term. You can always contact Pittsburgh Appliance Repair to get a brand new seal for your refrigerator.

Ensure The Condenser Coils Are Free From Dust

The condenser coils are located at the back of the refrigerator. A condenser’s function is to eject heat into the outdoor air. Thus, it plays a prominent role in the cooling process.  With time, these coils can be full of dirt or dust, interrupting the fridge’s work efficiency.

Sometimes, new refrigerator models are equipped with self-cleansing techniques to remove dust particles. Nevertheless, you need to remove the dust. You can use a vacuum to get rid of dust or can use special coil brushes. You just need to run the vacuum or brush all over the coils to remove the dust. We would recommend you a clean minimum of two times a year, most likely if you have pets that shed hair.

Keep The Fridge Well Stocked

It is quite a common myth that the more you stock your fridge with food, the more the hard work required by the fridge will be. However, it is completely incorrect. In fact, as compared to an empty fridge, a well-stocked refrigerator consumes less energy. In contrast, do not buy unwanted foodstuff for the sake of this. Instead, you can stock your fridge with other utensils filled with water.

Setting The Right Temperature

For flawless performance and energy productivity, the fridge as well as the freezer ought to be set to the correct temperature.  This step will aid in maintaining the safety of stored food without costing you an arm and a leg. You can have a conversation with a technician to know about ideal temperatures for your refrigerator in the summers. Usually, they recommend keeping it between 35 to 38 degrees for the lower section and 0 to 5 for the freezer.

Replacing The Water Filter

If your refrigerator has a water filter, you need to inspect it, and you should replace it when needed. Generally, modern-day refrigerators are fitted with an indicator that will automatically signal you when it needs to be changed. If in case your refrigerator does not have this advanced feature, it is wise to change the water filter at least two times per annum.

It is quite important to replace the filter as impurities can hinder your refrigerator from running efficiently; apart from this, your ice will be full of contamination. Water filters in the fridge are designed to remove contaminants like lead, chlorine, and other volatile compounds responsible for changing water taste. In addition, if you do not change your filter, you will get a clogged filter and provide a conducive condition for bacteria to grow.

You should consult repair experts like Pittsburgh Appliance Repair if you face any challenges with your refrigerator during summer. They will provide you with genuine guidance regarding any kinds of replacements, upgrades, and queries you may have.