Flame Resistant Vs Fire Resistant Clothing

The terms flame resistant and fire resistant both are commonly referred to as FR and get misused regularly. These two terms look similar to each other, and it creates confusion. You can see many people use the two words interchangeably. It can be misleading for people who wear this to save themselves from fire-related hazards. The result can be dangerous even that can lead to burning.

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Flame resistant clothings are made of fabrics and materials which are nonflammable. They are made up of chemical structures which are naturally resistant to flame. These do not catch fire in the first place but even if it catches fire, either they will self extinguish or burn extremely slow. This will help you from any injury related to fire.

Fire resistance is quantifiable with the rating of fire resistance. This shows the capacity of a material, building or structure to withstand fire and give protection from it. This is a material which is passive to fire and hard in nature. It doesn’t fail naturally and never allows transit of heat apart from standard specified temperature.

The main differences between both the items are cloth resistance and building or structure resistance. They both keep you safe and away from fire. Fire resistance is a test of time, involving criteria, evidence of functionality or fitness of purpose. Therefore while putting you a building or structure checking the fire resistance rating is essential. Consequently, the resistance to fire of building assembly is determined by columns, beams, trusses and load-bearing walls.

FR clothing is worn for keeping employees safe from fire or arc flash and etc. It is worn by:

  • People who work in hazardous conditions
  • Who comes in contact with electrical hazard equipment
  • Electric utility lineman and electricians
  • People who work near a combustible dust explosion. This happens in paint factory workers, paper and pulp industry and food plant employees.

FR clothing is used mainly when the employees are exposed to open flames or electric arcs. Here you can check the top fire-related work injuries:

  • Fire and explosions
  • Electrical arc burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Sun exposure burns

So in the above conditions you should buy fire resistant clothing. All fabrics are not resistant to fire. Though no fabric is fireproof, it is just that some fabrics resist fire better than other fabrics. While purchasing FR clothing make sure to buy clothing which is made of wool, or cotton. The most flame resistant fiber is wool. If you have ever tried then you will know that it is very difficult to ignite them. Natural fibers are more susceptible to fire but when they are manufactured in a better way then it becomes resistant to fire.

There are different types of FR clothing is available to match the requirement of each industry who has dangerous working conditions. This can include shirts, pants, toe boots, arc rated jackets, flame resistant jeans, fire resistant coveralls, bibs, and henleys and etc. Before purchasing the product check out the product if it meets your requirement and then go ahead with the purchase. There are online sites where you can get Fire resistance and flame resistance clothing. Even you can get these products under the big brands name. Fill up your shopping cart and place an order.