Footage of My Kitchen Rules hopeful’s sex act on another contestant shared among Channel 7 staff

‘It destroyed me’: My Kitchen Rules stars ‘filmed having a raunchy sofa sex session at 5am that was later viewed by production staff’

  • The footage shows a male and female contest having sex 
  • Contestants were living together in a mansion for the upcoming season
  • Contracts read contestants could be filmed anywhere except for the bedroom  

A My Kitchen Rules cameraman has been accused of filming two contestants enjoying an early morning consensual sex session on the couch that was later watched by other production staff. 

The footage allegedly shows a male contestant performing a sex act using his finger on a female contestant while they were filming the 11th season of the popular Seven cooking show staring celebrity chefs Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge.

 A cameraman allegedly shot the footage at 5am from behind a railing on a staircase without the contestants knowledge, Buzzfeed has claimed. 

Footage of a contestant digitally penetrating another during filming for My Kitchen Rules has been allegedly shared through Channel 7’s offices

One of the contestants involved in the sofa sex act footage admitted to Buzzfeed they’d signed contracts that specified they could be filmed anywhere besides the bedroom during the show’s production.

But source involved in My Kitchen Rules production said the footage was invasive. 

‘It destroyed me for months afterwards,’ the contestant said. ‘Since when has something like this been any sort of priority or even on the topic for a cooking show?’ 

Channel Seven have released a statement saying all filming for the hit show was ‘done in accordance with contestant contracts’.

‘My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals is a family friendly cooking show broadcast in prime time,’ the statement said.

Another television source told the camera crew ‘shoot everything’ that happens on the show, whether or not it ever makes it to air.

A Channel 7 statement read that 'all filming was done in accordance with contestant contracts'

A Channel 7 statement read that ‘all filming was done in accordance with contestant contracts’